Will Young: ‘Simon Cowell still hates me’

Will Young still hasn’t patched up his feud with Simon Cowell.
The Leave Right Now hitmaker famously locked horns with the music mogul when Cowell described the singer’s 2002 Pop Idol audition as “distinctly average”. And speaking on Spotify’s new LGBTQ David’s Out For A Good Time podcast, the singer claimed the star has hated him since before he even featured on the contest.
“I remember meeting him in another competition and my whole body went rigid,” the 40-year-old told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “You know when you get that feeling, ‘I don’t know you but I just don’t like you’.”
The Light My Fire star went on to share that he believes the 59-year-old cemented his dislike for the singer when he spoke back to him at the audition.
“I basically stood up to him and I don’t think he’s ever really got over it,” he claimed. “He’s consistently for the past 18 years been very unpleasant about me.”