William Shatner fears one-man show will flop

Actor William Shatner fears the theatrical release of his one-man theatre show will be a flop. The Star Trek legend performed his show, Shatner’s World, for three weeks on Broadway in 2012 before touring it around the U.S., and a film of the production will be released in selected cinemas across America for one day only, on 24 April (14).
However, Shatner admits he is feeling under pressure for the project to succeed and has taken to Twitter.com to urge his fans to buy tickets.
He writes, “So I’m having one of those ‘actor’ moments when you begin to doubt if Shatner’s World is going to be successful… The success of the US showing will bear in determining foreign and DVD releases. Hence my angst.”
The actor then encourages his fans to attend a showing by offering to tweet anyone who posts a photo of their tickets, adding, “I encourage folks to reach out and find other local fans and make a party of it by going to dinner or coffee and then to #ShatnersWorld… Keep trying to find friends to go to #ShatnersWorld on 4/24 (24 April) and then tweet me your receipts or tickets and I’ll say hello.”