William Shatner Pays Tribute to James Doohan

Acting veteran William Shatner has paid tribute to his late Star Trek co-star James Doohan, who died on July 20 after suffering from pneumonia
and Alzheimer’s.

The 85-year-old actor, who played engineer Scotty in the sci-fi series,
passed away in his Redmond, Washington home.

Shatner, best known as Captain Kirk, laments, “A long and storied career is

“I knew Jim when he started out in Canada and I knew him in his last years in
America, so we go way back. My condolences go out to his family.”
The ashes of late Star Trek actor James Doohan will be sent into space
following his funeral service.

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Meanwhile, his agent Steve Stevens and wife Wende are in discussions to send the actor’s
ashes into the galaxy on a rocket, after Doohan expressed the wish before his

Doohan‘s wish will follow in the footsteps of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, whose ashes orbited the earth for six years from 1997.

It is expected the remains of Doohan and Star Trek writer John Meredyth Lucas
will be shot into space in September on board a Falcon 1 rocker, which
will be launched from the Vanderberg Air Force base in California.

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