Williams Sisters at Odds Over Hurricane

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has promised to give $100 for every ace she serves for the rest of the season to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief–but her sister Venus was unaware the disaster had even occurred.

The big-hearted sports champion immediately related to the victims of the catastrophe, which has left New Orleans under water, as she has experienced similar extremes of weather firsthand.

She says, “I’ve decided for every ace I hit I’m going to donate $100 for the rest of the year for every tournament I play.

“Last year we were in Palm Beach when it got hit really bad. That was like a Category two, three maybe at the most. It was devastating down there.

“I can only imagine what it must be in New Orleans. I thought it would be just a halfway decent gesture. I’ve always considered myself a philanthropist in a little bit of a way.”

But Venus merely shrugs, “I don’t really watch the news. In some ways I’m very unaware of the latest happenings in the world.”

And although her sister’s reaction conflicts with her own, Serena remains philosophical about their sibling differences.

She responds, “This is just something I’m doing. We’re separate people. We have different hearts. She’s a great girl, but it’s up to her.”

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