Wilson & Woody bonded over weather

The actor admits the quirky moviemaker hardly spoke to him when they began shooting the film – until he realised Allen was obsessed with the world’s weather forecasts.

He explains, “He’d be over on his iPhone a lot… I thought, ‘Was he looking at shot selections?’ But he was just checking the weather and so I’d start saying, ‘Woody, is there any place over 100 today?’ and he’d be like, ‘Let me check. Yeah, Cairo is 108.’ And I’d go, ‘No kidding…’ He was very excited about the weather, so that’s what we bonded over… I was excited to be making a connection with Woody.”

But Wilson fears he may have upset the director when he brought his dog to the set: “He was terrified of my dog… He was literally shrieking in terror when Garcia, my dog, would come on set… It’s a little Australian cattle dog; it’s not like it was a pitbull or anything.

“What was funny was his family actually loved to see the dog because they’re not allowed to have pets because of his kind of phobia, and his daughter was over.”