Woody Allen’s Courtroom Drama

Woody Allen’s Courtroom Drama

Woody Allen backstage at the 2002 Academy Awards
Woody Allen

Whatever Hollywood Ending Woody Allen had in mind for his latest courtroom drama has yet to be seen.

On Thursday, the Oscar-winning filmmaker began his day in Manhattan court–for real, not for a movie. He’s suing his longtime producer and friend, Jean Doumanian, claiming he lost out on nearly $12 million in profits from his own movies, Reuters reports.

In the courtroom, Allen appeared less than excited to be in attendance, and he never once looked up at the judge, jury or Doumanian–who was seated about six feet away from him.

Allen‘s lawyer, Michael Zweig, urged jurors to “follow the money in the case” as the trial unfolds because the defendants took profits and “put it in their own pockets.”

On the other hand, Doumanian‘s attorney, Peter Parcher, told jurors the case was “orchestrated by Woody Allen‘s handlers” and that Doumanian was “the best friend Allen ever had.”

Allen is expected to be the first witness to take the stand Friday and later, Lettie Aronson–Allen‘s sister–who was also present at Thursday’s proceedings, may testify.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.