Worst Beards Ever Caught on Film

Can Adam Levine’s Beard Save a Life?
Adam Levine is starring in the new film ‘Can a Song Save Your Life?’ A song, maybe. A razor, without question. {Photo Credit: Splash News}
Baxter Isn’t the Only One Covered in Hair
Milk was a bad choice. But so was that facial hair, Ron Burgundy. Let’s hope Will Ferrell sticks with the 'stache in the ‘Anchorman’ sequel.
Noah, She’s Not Worth It If It Means Keeping That Beard
Noah Campbell’s decision to sprout a beard in ‘The Notebook?' Not a great idea. It was actually kind of hard to root for Ryan Gosling’s romantic hero when he had that thing growing out of his face.
Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Django Un-shaved’
It was once written that all evil men should have beards. And as exciting as it is to see Leo take on his first bad guy role, he probably should have stuck with the clean shave.
Good Thing He Didn’t Have This in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’
The scariest part about ‘Jumanji’ wasn’t the fantasy world coming to life or the wild animal takeover, it was the unruly jungle sprouting from Robin Williams’ pores.
A Handsome Neckbeard? Not Quite
The real mystery on Josh Radnor’s long running sitcom isn’t how Ted met his kids’ mother, but how on Earth his so-called friends let him out of the house with that cityscape of sorrow he engineered on his face.
At Least There Were No Beards in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’
In ‘The Royal Tenenbaums,' Luke Wilson played a suicidal tennis prodigy who was in love with his own sister. But his greatest failure? That shag carpet on his chin.
Puppets with Beards — Terrifying
The exhibition of facial hair in ‘Team America’ is all kinds of horrifying, grotesque, and biologically implausible. But then again… that’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone for you.
I Dreamed a Dream of Beards Gone By
When the we first took a look at Hugh Jackman in character in the upcoming ‘Les Mis’ movie, well, we couldn't help but sigh. There is one thing that even Jackman can’t make sexy, and that’s this beard.
This Is One Hairy ‘Carnivale’
We’re all for equal opportunity, but the realm of chin follicles really hasn’t found an effective female pioneer yet. Sorry, bearded lady (Debra Christofferson) from ‘Carnivale.’
Beards. Beets. 'Battlestar Galactica'.
Dwight Schrute with a beard: about as horrifying as you’d imagine it to be. At least Rainn Wilson did fix up his haircut for ‘Hesher,’ though.
Live Together, Shave Alone
WE HAVE TO GO BACK … to the bathroom mirror, so Matthew Fox’s drunken Jack Shephard can get a good look at the smoke monster that has taken over his face.
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