Worthington receives investment warning from Hogan

The colorful former fighter told Avatar star Sam Worthington all about his greatest business regret when the two stars met at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California last month (Jul11) – and the tale has made the actor cautious about any future endorsement deal.

Worthington says, “He gave me some investment advice because his manager said to him, ‘You should get into these things, kitchen appliances, put your name on something’.

“The Hulk said, ‘Well, what have you got?’ The manager said, ‘Well, I’ve got this meatball maker… It pounds the meatballs when you (clench arm muscles and press fists together). The Hulk went, ‘That’s fantastic, I want the Hulkmania Meatball Maker!’

“The manager goes, ‘What about the other thing (investment opportunity)?’ He goes, ‘Ah, give that to your other client.’ The other client turned out to be George Foreman, it was the grill! So George Foreman’s made $300 billion and how many people own a Hulkmania Meatball Maker?”

Retired boxing champ Foreman launched the hugely successful George Foreman Grill in 1994.