X-Men stars team up for train treat

X-Men stars Hugh Jackmanand James Mcavoy unveiled a special train promoting the franchise’s latest film in London on Monday (31Mar14). The actors, who will reprise their respective roles as Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, launched the train at Euston station.
Characters from the movie feature on each of the 11 carriages, and Jackman told reporters he was thrilled with the train tribute: “It’s some sort of wish fulfilment in life, when you’re a young boy, to walk onto your own train. I pretty much lived on trains (before), because when I was 18, I got an InterRail card. It was about £250 and I was on £10 a day, so we slept on trains.
“I was that smelly guy in the corner, just outside the bathroom that people would have to step over. I would be swearing and drinking with my mates, so I got kicked off from many a train.”
Jackman later took to Twitter.com and wrote, “Awesome morning at the #Virgin train unveiling. Wolverine is the kabus (caboose)! Seems right.”
McAvoy, whose character graces the first class carriage, adds, “I feel like I came in during the night and graffitied (sic) it, and this is the result.”