Yogi Berra Settles ‘Sex and the City’ Spat

Baseball legend Yogi Berra has reached a settlement with TV network TBS in
his $10 million lawsuit over the use of his name in a Sex and
the City
ad campaign.

While bosses at TBS have not commented on the settlement, Berra’s lawyer
Louis Smoley says both parties have agreed to mediation and the payout was

Berra was outraged after learning his name was included in a multiple-choice
quiz asking consumers the definition of “Yogasm” in print ads on buses and
subways plugging Sex and the City.

The three possible answers were (a) a type of yo-yo; (b) sex with Yogi Berra;
or (c) what [Kim Cattrall‘s character] Samantha has with a guy from yoga

In the suit filed in New York Supreme Court, the retired sports star said he
had been tainted by the ad, pointing out he is a married grandfather and a
“deeply religious man who has maintained and continues to maintain a moral

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