Yoko Is Not to Blame!

Guess Yoko Ono deserves an apology. The surviving members of The Beatles have written a book that puts to rest the rumor that Ono was the culprit who caused the breakup of the groundbreaking British band.

According to “The Beatles Anthology,” it was definitely John Lennon who called it quits.

All together now: We’re sorry, Yoko.

Excerpts from the book were published last week in a British newspaper. The excerpts included that tensions between Lennon and McCartney came to a head, causing Lennon to leave to record with his wife, Yoko.

The book took the trio — Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr — six years to put together and includes some 1,200 photographs that have never been released. It’s scheduled to be released in Britain and the United States in October.