Yusuf Islam ‘taken aback’ by Hall of Fame induction

Singer/songwriter Yusuf Islam was “taken aback” upon learning he was one of the 2014 inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The musician, formerly known as Cat Stevens, was one of nine artists to make the cut and will officially be inducted to the Hall of Fame in a ceremony in New York City next year (10Apr14).
Islam was previously shortlisted for the honour in 2006 and he admits he was not expecting to win the coveted honour this year either.
He tells Billboard magazine, “It was a big surprise. I was taken aback because I was kind of used to a kind of status of self-detachment from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I see that the acceptance of me in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is kind of a rapprochement thing, which is very welcome.
“It’s good because a lot of people may have, I don’t know, taken different views about my life choices, but it’s come back down to the music, which is good. When you start out in music you certainly don’t see anything like this; you just do it because you love what you do. I’m not sure I feel very comfortable being in a museum, but you can’t stop life doing things to you.”
The singer, whose conversion to Islam stirred controversy in 1977, joins fellow inductees KISS, Peter Gabriel, late Beatles manager Brian Epstein, Hall & Oates, singer Linda Ronstadt, producer Andrew Loog Oldham and Bruce Springsteen’s sidekicks, The E Street Band.
Islam plans on attending the ceremony, but has yet to hear from organisers whether he will be asked to perform.
He jokes, “I’m hoping they’ll go straight to KISS.”