Zachary Levi launches fundraising campaign for technology panel

Actor Zachary Levi has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise $1 million (£625,000) for his fourth annual Comic-Con gaming and technology panel. The Thor: The Dark World star launched I Want My Nerd HQ at the annual comic book convention in San Diego, California
in 2011, and he has hosted the event every year since.
In previous years, Levi relied on sponsorship money to pay for costs, but last year (13) he realised he would no longer be able to use that strategy.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Nerd HQ was this thing we started and believed in for three years, and we just found that the financial model for how we were doing it just wasn’t working anymore. (We wanted to keep it) as free and accessible as we could.”
Levi is hoping to raise the funds on by the end of next month (Apr14) and he is also seeking sponsors as well.
Through the event, the 33 year old has raised $215,000 (£134,375) for Operation Smile, an organisation which provides cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children all over the world.
Proceeds from this year’s panel also benefit the foundation.