Zakk Wylde convinced Randy Rhoads’ gold vest makes him better – at everything

Heavy rocker Zakk Wylde touches late hero Randy Rhoads’ gold vest whenever he needs a little greatness in his life. The Black Label Society star was handed the special piece of memorabilia by Sharon Osbourne when he used to back her husband – and he admits he still cherishes it.
He tells Revolver magazine, “She gave me the gold vest he used to wear. Whenever any of my guitar player buddies come over, I go, ‘You gotta touch the vest for the mojo’. I don’t even have it in a glass case… It’s like the holy shroud.
“I touch it for greatness for anything – if I’m gonna clean the dog run and I want to do an amazing job, I just touch the vest. It adds instant greatness to whatever feat you’re trying to accomplish.”