Zooey Deschanel doesn’t feel pressure to be skinny

The New Girl star was bullied for having a fuller figure in high school, but she lost a few pounds and got down to a happier size, where she remains to this day.

Many of Deschanel’s actress peers are more slender, with some even being considered gaunt, but the 32 year old doesn’t feel the need to look like them, insisting history shows you don’t have to be skinny to be successful.

She tells Glamour magazine, “Actresses have definitely gotten thinner over the course of my lifetime. Women I admired growing up – Debra Winger, Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep – were all beautiful and thin, but not too thin. There are a lot of actresses who are unhealthy – skinny – much, much too skinny… I’m a very small person, and if I lost 15 pounds, I’d look like them; it’s scary.

“For young girls, what does that say? You need to look this way to be successful? That’s not true. You do not need to look or be anorexic to be successful in Hollywood. The range of what’s acceptable is larger than what people believe.”