10 Non-Hugh Jackmans Who Almost Played Wolverine

Credit: Marvel

Despite comic book origins as a short, stocky spitfire, geeks of all media have come to identify X-Men hero Wolverine as tall, scruffy, debonair, and bearing a striking likeness to one Jean Valjean. Yes, thanks to his gallant portrayal over the past decade and change, actor Hugh Jackman has become synonymous with his Marvel character. But Jackman wasn’t necessarily the first choice to play Mr. Logan — there were tons of other performers in the running for the clawed mutant.

Ranging from fellow hunks to action brutes, cinematic vets to big screen newbies, Wolverine brought a handful of men into contention before Jackman ultimately won the role. So who almost took the character? Check out our gallery to find out which actors could have made Wolverine something else entirely. Hey, maybe in an alternate timeline

Jackman’s The Wolverine hits theaters on Friday.

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