10 ‘Batman 3’ Titles We Like More Than ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

ALT TEXTThis morning, Christopher Nolan announced the name of his next Batman film — The Dark Knight Rises. Talk about BORING. Here’s our list of 10 alternate title suggestions. Take note, nerds!


Simple, elegant, and to the point. Gotham was the rumored name among fanboys since the film’s announcement, and still sticks out as the best of the bunch.


Batman: Redemption

After the depressing conclusion of The Dark Knight, when Batman becomes the enemy of Gotham, Redemption offers him a chance to do just that — and to be what Gotham needs: a hero.

Shadow of the Bat

Out of all our suggestions, this one definitely feels the most “Nolan-esque.” It gives a sense of mystery and curiosity — something Nolan is a master of. Plus it was the title of a particularly gritty and psychologically exploratory series of Batman comics, which also matches the tone of Nolan’s Gotham City.   

The Caped Crusader

A classic moniker that would bring the vigilante back to his roots. It doesn’t sound as cool as The Dark Knight, but then again, neither does The Dark Knight Rises.

The Batman

Think about the progression: from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight and finally, The Batman. A short, yet poignant title that completes the growth of our favorite superhero from Gotham’s savior to the feared murderer of its “White Knight,” and ending finally as its legendary champion.

ALT TEXTBatman: The Movie

Wasn’t used in Tim Burton’s film series, so it’s kosher. It’s based on a comic book after all.

The Bat

Short and sweet, right?

Batman: RIP Heath

Err, too soon?

Batman: Inception

This film would make so much money that even James Cameron would be jealous.

Batman: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire

An instant Oscar winner.