Armie Hammer and 9 Other Celebrities Who Were Rich, Then Famous

Credit: Hammer Museum; FameFlynet

With the release of The Lone Ranger, audiences have the opportunity to see Armie Hammer in his first bonafide leading man role. Playing the title character, Hammer gallops across the screen on his trusty horse Silver alongside his Native American sidekick Tonto. The western remake is a bit of a departure from his breakout role as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, but then again, playing the wealthy Harvard gentlemen wasn’t much of a stretch for Hammer at all.

Many folks might not know this, but like the Winklevii, Armie Hammer comes from a incredibly wealthy family himself. His grandfather was a successful oil tycoon, so young Armie grew up in an affluent household, attending a variety of private schools in Dallas, the Cayman Islands, and Los Angeles. Hammer’s family history is certainly interesting, but he isn’t the only celebrity to come from money. We’ve compiled a list of ten celebrities who were independently wealthy before they broke into the business. 

GALLERY: 10 Celebrities Who Were Rich Before They Were Famous

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