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“It’s an honor just to be nominated.” That’s what they say, anyhow. After all, having your movie recognized as outstanding enough to compete in a Golden Globes Award ceremony is truly a victory all its own. Even if you don’t take home the trophy, you’ve got a public acknowledgement of your film’s skills and powers, be they in the realm of drama or comedy. But it’s when these lines are muddled and mixed that the honor itself starts to fade.

Over the years, many films (and a few TV shows) have been nominated in categories that… don’t quite fit what they were going for. Some sincerely dramatic movies have been nominated for Best Comedy or Musical Motion Picture, while otherwise funny and light movies have landed in the Best Drama category. It gets to a point where you wonder, “Who’s deciding what to label these things, and have they even seen the movies nominated?”

We’ve compiled a list of a few oddly categorized nominees to have earned recognition over the past few decades. Check out the gallery, and look out for our coverage of this year’s Golden Globes nods on Thursday.

10 Golden Globe Nominations That Don’t Fit Their Categories

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