‘Catching Fire’ Hero Peeta Mellark and 10 Other Would-Be Badasses Who Hate...

‘Catching Fire’ Hero Peeta Mellark and 10 Other Would-Be Badasses Who Hate Water

Peeta, The Hunger Games
Josh Hutcherson stars as 'Peeta Mellark' in THE HUNGER GAMES.

Peeta, The Hunger GamesLionsgate

Peeta Mellark is a good baker, a skilled makeup artist, a devoted lover of Katniss Everdeen, and is quite adorable to boot. Unfortunately, his list of winning qualities ends there, as The Hunger Games showed us a Peeta who almost died multiple times due to sweet nature and lack of fighting skills. Unfortunately, Peeta is thrown into the arena once again in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, where he faces another big problem: he can’t swim! In an arena made almost completely of water, this becomes a huge issue.

Of course, this tragic flaw is so lame that Josh Hutcherson reports the film did away with it, leaving us with only the literary version of Peeta who is undone by a deep hot tub. But there are plenty of characters in Hollywood who share Suzanne Collins’ character’s shortcoming. So, in honor of this hydrophobic Peeta, we’re taking a look at some other movie characters who also face some serious problems due to their fear of water. 

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