10 Out of This World Alien Hunks

I Am Number FourThis week, I Am Number Four hits theaters and there’s only one thing that I can grasp on to about this movie: damn, that alien dude is hot. But hey, it’s not a bad hook. How many movies feature hot alien girls? So many movies do. So why not some hot alien dudes? I see no downfalls to this idea. There are fewer alien dudes that inspire something a little less like disgust and horror and more like the warm and fuzzies, but they’re out there. After a thorough excavation of alien men on film, here are my findings and a thorough report of their notable assets.

Johnny Depp Astronaut's WifeJohnny Depp as Spencer Armacost

The Astronaut’s Wife

This 1999 movie drew me to the theater for one reason and one reason only: Johnny Depp. He plays NASA Astronaut Spencer Armacost and pulls off the blonde look way better than his attempt in Secret Window. Anyway, Spencer goes on a mission to space, gets possessed by aliens and eventually transmits his alien form to his poor wife. Creepy right? But I mean, come on, it’s Johnny Depp. He’s even attractive when he dresses up as Willy Wonka. Alien babe, number one.

Zachary Quinto Star TrekZachary Quinto as Spock

Star Trek

I never thought I would say this, but in 2009, I walked out of the movie theater after having watched Chris Pine on screen for two hours and my first thought was, “Holy crap, Spock was hot.” True story. Zachary Quinto wasn’t anyone’s radar who wasn’t a Heroes fan, for the most part, but once he donned those pointy ears and that blue Starfleet jumper and started romancing Uhura, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who started to take notice.

Brandon Routh SupermanBrandon Routh as Superman

Superman Returns

Maybe you forgot because he’s America’s favorite superhero, but Superman isn’t even American; he’s an ALIEN. Yup, and a good looking one at that. If this were two years from now, I’d probably have to bump Routh for the soon-to-be replacement, Henry Cavill, but this isn’t about future alien babes. Routh is almost cartoonishly handsome and looks pretty amazing in that suit; just keep the kryptonite away from him, okay?

Sam Worthington AvatarSam Worthington as Jake’s Avatar


Okay, okay nerd patrol. I get that in the movie Jake is a human and the blue, muscular dude is his avatar, but clearly we’re being as superficial as possible here and if we want to get technical, he was still attractive at the end when he chose to go full Na’vi. This about looks and in the movie Jake’s avatar is strangely and undeniably attractive. (This is okay because he’s a humanoid creature. It’s not weird. I swear.)

Matt Dallas Kyle XYMatt Dallas as Kyle

Kyle XY

Who needs a belly button? Certainly not Kyle XY. I’ll admit, a show about an alien teen who arrives on earth with less knowledge in his head than a newborn baby is a little ridiculous, but that’s not why anyone was watching. They were watching because even without a belly button, Matt Dallas is a babe. End of story.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 3rd Rock From the SunJoseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy

3rd Rock from the Sun

Before you get creeped out, I should point out that we’re talking about the last few seasons of the show, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was 19 and 20 years old, not the first few seasons when he was still 15 and chubby-cheeked. (To be fair, I was in middle school when the show was on, so I was allowed to think he was dreamy at the time.) Anyway, older Tommy (post 2000) was a certifiable cutie. There was no way we could have known he would end up looking like this by the time he reached his upper 20s, but he was definitely crushable.

David Bowie The Man Who Fell from EarthDavid Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Now, if you’ve never thought that David Bowie was attractive then feel free to skip on by this entry. In his feature film debut, Bowie played this alien who was sent to Earth in order to figure out a way to send water back to his home planet. Of course, he falls in love with a human while living on Earth, but he soon discovers the effects of greed and success. Yes, the film explores the darker side of life, but just look at that bone structure.

Jeff GoldblumJeff Goldblum as Mac

Earth Girls Are Easy

He may have looked like a taboo love child conceived after a weird experience for some dude and a parrot (or something) when he first falls from space into Geena Davis’ pool, but once they take him to the beauty parlor he looks just like a human under all that stuff! And he’s got all those lean muscles! And even though he’s Jeff Goldblum the fact that he’s an alien bumps him up into the hot echelon. Who knew?

brenden fehr roswellBrenden Fehr as Michael Guerin


This is really along the same vein as I Am Number Four, except this was a WB show. Roswell gave us three teenagers who were humanoid aliens sent to Earth to help one day save their dying race, but oh how those pesky teenager problems complicate things. The great thing for Michael and his fellow alien Max is that one of their alien powers allows them to hear people just by touching them which means MAJOR TEENAGE LUSTY GROPING in almost every episode. Some people may have chosen Max over Michael, but I’d tell them that he has HUGE ears. Blondie wins.

Matt Smith Doctor WhoMatt Smith as the Doctor

Doctor Who

He’s a super smart, time-travelling alien Time Lord, he makes bowties look sexy, and get this: he’s British. Ding, ding, ding: we have a babe. I’ve also taken a moment to verify that he’s the most attractive actor to portray the Doctor yet (here’s hoping this becomes a habit). You should know that Doctor Who has enjoyed 11 versions since 1963, seeing a face new each time due to the fact that the Doctor can regenerate his body when he nears death. I know changing is part of his deal, but I think it’d be cool if they let the Doctor stay in Matt Smith form for a good long while. Can I be his companion? GERONIMO!