15 Kick-Ass Cartoon Babes


Princess MeridaWho says men get to have all the fun? In Pixar’s latest flick, Brave, teen princess Merida isn’t satisfied with sitting pretty and finding a husband. She craves the great outdoors and adventure, and that’s exactly what she sets out to find. And while hunky, ass-kicking dudes are a dime a dozen in live-action and cartoon movies alike, the kick-ass ladies are a bit more of a commodity. (Though hopefully not much longer.) 

Merida may be the latest, but she’s certainly not the first kick-ass cartoon lass. Before her came such names as She-Ra, Wonder Woman, and even a one-eyed mutant named Leela. With this feature film, Merida joins a class of cartoon warriors of the female persuasion. 

We’ve picked out our favorite animated battle-ready ladies to help better represent (cartoon) ladies everywhere. 
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[Image: Disney]

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