Sex and Lucia (2002)

Sex and Lucia
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating None
Runtime 2hr 8mins.
Genres Drama, Comedy, Foreign
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Paz Vega Actor Lucia 1 1000001
Tristán Ulloa Actor Lorenzo 1 1000002
Najwa Nimri Actor Elena 1 1000003
Daniel Freire Actor Antonio 1 1000004
Daniel Freire Actor Carlos 1 1000005
Elena Anaya Actor Belen 1 1000006
Silvia Llanos Actor Luna 1 1000007
Javier Cámara Actor Pepe 1 1000008
Diana Suarez Actor Manuela, Belen's Mother 1 1000009
Juan Fernandez Actor Chief 1 1000010
Charo Zapardiel Actor Midwife 1 1000011
Maria Alvarez Actor Nurse 1 1000012
Javier Corominas Actor Vender in Refreshments Kiosk 1 1000013
Arsenio Leon Actor Zuniga (Footballer) 1 1000014
Alesandra Alvarez Actor Luna, age 1 1 1000015
David Bulnes Actor Porno Actor 1 1000016
Julio Medem Director n/a 2 2000001
Fernando Bovaira Producer n/a 3 3000001
Enrique Lavigne Producer n/a 3 3000002
Anna Cassina Executive Producer n/a 174 3000003
Julio Medem Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Inaki Rubio Unit Manager n/a 120832 5000001
Eugenia Soler Production Supervisor n/a 307 5000002
Teresa Cepeda Production Manager n/a 305 5000003
Txarli Llorente Assistant Director n/a 163 5000004
Almudena de los Santos Assistant Director n/a 163 5000005
Lucia Cassani Assistant Director n/a 163 5000006
Montose Ordorica Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000007
Eladio Fernandez Post-Production (Sogecine) 120945 5000008
Manuel Diaz Post-Production (Sogecine) 120945 5000009
Kiko De La Rica Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Josu Inchaustequi Camera Operator n/a 239 6000002
Sebastian Hernandis Camera Operator Underwater Camera Operator 239 6000003
Jose Herrero Camera Operator Underwater Camera Operator 239 6000004
Josu Inchaustequi Camera Operator Underwater Camera Operator 239 6000005
Ivan Aledo Editor n/a 172 7000001
Alberto Iglesias Music n/a 120781 8000001
Jose Crespo Music Engineer Music Mixer 120837 8000002
German Sela Music Supervisor n/a 120872 8000003
Cristian Ifrim Performer Viola 120819 8000004
Salvador Espasa Performer Flute 120819 8000005
Carmen Guillem Performer Oboe 120819 8000006
Jesus Herreros Performer Clarinet 120819 8000007
Dominique Deguines Performer Basson 120819 8000008
Javier Casado Performer Keyboards 120819 8000009
Javier Casado Performer Piano 120819 8000010
Javier Casado Performer Programming 120819 8000011
Montse Sanz Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Puerto Collado Set Designer Luna's Room Design 202 9000002
Sergio Rozas Storyboard Artist n/a 199 9000003
Natalia Montes Storyboard Artist n/a 199 9000004
Sara Bilbatua Casting Director n/a 157 10000001
Estibaliz Markiegui Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Juan Valverde Hair Stylist n/a 120799 13000002
Juan Valverde Hair Stylist n/a 120799 13000003
Gregorio Ros Makeup n/a 353 13000004
Gregorio Ros Makeup n/a 353 13000005
David Marti Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Supervisor(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000006
Montse Ribe Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Supervisor(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000007
Arturo Balseiros Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Technician(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000008
Xavi Bastida Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Technician(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000009
Jose Meneses Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Technician(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000010
Merche Arque Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Technician(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000011
Pica Palo Makeup Effects Makeup Effects Fabrication(DDT Efectos Especiales) 120935 13000012
Agustin Peinado Sound n/a 120816 14000001
Santiago Thevenet Sound Editor n/a 229 14000002
Polo Aledo Sound Editor n/a 229 14000003
Gadou Naudin Sound Effects n/a 120868 14000004
Patrick Ghislain Sound Effects Sound Effects Recording 120868 14000005
Alfonso Pino Sound Re-recordist Sound Re-recording 120943 14000006
Augustin Peinado Sound Supervisor n/a 120883 14000007
Julian Ruiz Prosthetics n/a 120991 19000001
Antonita Ruiz Prosthetics n/a 120991 19000002
Ignacio Carreno Stunt Coordinator n/a 120804 19000003
Alfonso Nieto Visual Effects n/a 419 23000001
Manuel Floriano Special Effects Technician n/a 242 23000002
Antonio Castillo Special Effects Technician n/a 242 23000003
Javier Martinez Titles n/a 120825 23000004
Adolfo Vila Mechanical Special Effects Mechanical Department(DDT Efectos Especiales) 121086 23000005
Enriq Masip Mechanical Special Effects Mechanical Department(DDT Efectos Especiales) 121086 23000006
Javier Lujan Graphics n/a 120826 23000007
Alfonso Nieto Digital Effects Digital Effects Coordinator 345 23000008
Lucia is a waitress who lives and works in Madrid. After what she believes to be the loss of her boyfriend, the tortured writer Lorenzo, she flees to a secluded island that he had often told her about. There she meets Carlos and Elena, who have also run away to the island to escape personal tragedy. Unbeknownst to them, all three have a connection to Lorenzo. Elena met him many years ago on that same island and enjoyed beautiful, anonymous love-making with him in the sea by the light of a full-moon. 9 months later, Elena gave birth to Luna, but never managed to find Lorenzo. Carlos was the step-father of Belen, who disappeared after she unwittingly caused the death of Luna. As she hears more about the past of her two new housemates, Lucia is reminded of the book Lorenzo was writing, a tale about a journey into a dark, deep past that brought on his depression. Soon, the lines between fact and fiction begin to fall apart.