Cemetery Man (1996)

Cemetery Man
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 40mins.
Genres Adaptation, Comedy, Horror
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Michele Soavi Producer n/a 3 3000003
Gianni Romoli Producer n/a 3 3000002
Conchita Airoldi Executive Producer n/a 174 3000004
Dino DiDionisio Executive Producer n/a 174 3000005
Heinz Bibo Associate Producer n/a 171 3000006
Tilde Corsi Producer n/a 3 3000001
Michele Soavi Director n/a 2 2000001
Micha Kopman Actor 2nd Returner 1 1000030
Maddalena Ischiale Actor Stanza Franco Nurse 1 1000029
Fiorenzo Marsili Actor Returning Priest 1 1000031
Rinaldo Zamperla Actor Cyclist 1 1000032
Francois Hadji-Lazaro Actor Gnaghi 1 1000033
Michele Ray-Gavras Associate Producer n/a 171 3000007
Gianni Romoli Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Alfonsina Lettieri Costumes costumes producer 120828 13000002
Maurizio Millenotti Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Gino Zamprioli Makeup n/a 353 13000003
Mario Dallimonti Sound sound recording 120816 14000001
Sergio Stivaletti Mechanical Special Effects n/a 121086 23000001
Antonello Geleng Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Manuel DeSica Music n/a 120781 8000001
Tiziano Sclavi Source Material (from novel) from the Dylan Dog novel("Dellamorte Dellamore") 120793 4000002
Mauro Marchetti Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Stefano Luzi Camera cameraman 120798 6000002
Franco Fraticelli Editor n/a 172 7000001
Francesca Gamba Actor Hospital Nurse 1 1000028
Mariaelena Fresu Actor Hospital Sister 1 1000027
Barbara Cupisti Actor Magda 1 1000010
Anton Alexander Actor Franco 1 1000009
Alessandro Zamatto Actor Claudio 1 1000011
Pietro Genuardi Actor New Mayor Civardi 1 1000012
Maurizio Romoli Actor Hospital Doctor 1 1000013
Claudia Lawrence Actor Miss Chiaromondo 1 1000008
Katja Anton Actor Thin Girl 1 1000007
Stefano Masciarelli Actor Mayor 1 1000003
Anna Falchi Actor The Three "She"--Mourner/Mayor's Personal Assistant/Prostitute 1 1000002
Mickey Knox Actor Foreign Marshal 1 1000004
Clive Riche Actor Doctor Verseci 1 1000005
Fabiana Formica Actor Valentina 1 1000006
Patrizia Punzo Actor Claudio's Mother 1 1000014
Renato Donis Actor Husband of 1 1000015
Fabio Alberici Actor 2nd Boy on Square 1 1000023
Sandro Prati Actor 1st Boy on Square 1 1000022
Tiziano Nardoni Actor 3rd Boy on Square 1 1000024
Gianluca Gennaro Actor 4th Boy on Square 1 1000025
Marco Fiorentini Actor Photographer 1 1000026
Daniele Mezzoprete Actor 4th Boy Scout 1 1000021
Flavio Marti Actor 3rd Boy Scout 1 1000020
Elio Cesari Actor Nun 1 1000016
Vito Passeri Actor Ghigini 1 1000017
Stefano DeTomassi Actor 1st Boy Scout 1 1000018
Simone Ervini Actor 2nd Boy Scout 1 1000019
Rupert Everett Actor Francesco Dellamorte 1 1000001
Francesco Dellamorte is the watchman at the Buffalora Cemetery, where the dead rise within seven nights of their last breath. Dellamorte has learned that the only way to stop them is to split their heads open; a spade works, but dumb-dumb bullets work even better, and he casually uses whatever is at hand. Putting the dead back to rest is, he feels, a public service. One day, Dellamorte falls deeply in love with a mourner--a young woman burying her elderly but sexually tireless husband. When Dellamorte and the woman make love on her husband's grave, the earth moves... But when she dies, can Dellamorte kill her again when she inevitably rises? When eight motorcyclists, including the mayor's daughter, are killed on the highway, will Dellamorte be able to handle all the work... twice? And when Death scolds Dellamorte for killing the undead, is it he who starts murdering the living?