Winter Solstice (2005)

Winter Solstice
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 30mins.
Genres Drama
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Leslie Bloome Foley Artist n/a 223 14000003
Tom Efinger Recording Engineer Re-Recording Engineer 120942 14000004
Karl Wasserman Boom Operator n/a 215 14000002
Dan Wesson Boom Operator n/a 215 14000001
Heather Patton Wardrobe Assistant n/a 120809 13000005
Erika Goyzueta Wardrobe Supervisor n/a 120908 13000006
Steven R Smith Sound Dolby Technician 120816 14000005
Nicholas Montgomery Sound Designer n/a 120915 14000006
Don Cerrone Key Grip n/a 263 15000003
Martin L Jones Grip n/a 365 15000004
Nate Scaglione Swing Company Electric 120862 15000002
John Mitchell Swing Company Electric 120862 15000001
Brian Miksis Sound Mixer n/a 230 14000007
Tom Efinger Sound Supervisor n/a 120883 14000008
Aimee Schlectman Wardrobe Wardrobe Intern 120823 13000004
Heidi Kulow Makeup Artist n/a 120801 13000003
James Geyer Scenic Artist n/a 745 9000007
Mark Newman Leadman n/a 433 9000008
Angela Dufresne Scenic Artist n/a 745 9000006
Christine Skubish Scenic Artist n/a 745 9000005
Donna Paul Set Dresser n/a 197 9000003
Tom Lavecchia Set Dresser On-Set Dresser 197 9000004
Michelle J Mayas Charge Scenic Painter Charge Scenic 121085 9000009
Amanda Harding Casting Director n/a 157 10000001
Paola Weintraub Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Brian Sherratt Hair Stylist n/a 120799 13000002
Eitan Hakami Advisor Dailies Advisor(Post Production Playground) 120821 12000001
Meredith Jacobson-Marciano Extras Casting (Amerifilm) 120851 10000003
Amanda Koblin Casting Director n/a 157 10000002
Robert Sciretta Gaffer n/a 268 15000005
Wesley Battle Best Boy Grip n/a 265 15000006
Corey Roberts Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000008
Alvaro Cuello Production Assistant Art Department Production Assistant 275 25000009
Michael Masarof Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000007
Aton Roberts Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000006
Jonah Oskow Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000004
Eric Johnson Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000005
Kevin Flynn Transportation Captain n/a 272 25000010
Julio Pabone Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000011
Liza Case Office Runner Office Guru 120988 25000015
Jon Bernier Office Production Assistant n/a 120909 25000016
Matt Dowd Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000014
Bryan J Goetzinger Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000013
Bruno Michels Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000012
Jeffrey C S Robinson Production Assistant Unit Production Assistant 275 25000003
Stephen Jensen Production Assistant First Team Production Assistant 275 25000002
Tim Gallin Stunt Coordinator n/a 120804 19000001
David Dreishspoon Craft Service n/a 120903 22000001
Agata Zak Legal Services Legal Services Provider(Jodi Peikoff Law Office P.C.) 120857 18000002
Jennifer Silver Legal Services Legal Services Provider(Jodi Peikoff Law Office P.C.) 120857 18000001
Michael W Brennan Best Boy Electric n/a 259 15000007
Tom Wallin Production Accountant n/a 282 16000001
Diego Pina Craft Service n/a 120903 22000002
David Zimmerman Catering Chef(Premiere Caterers, Inc.) 120954 22000003
Dylan Sheridan Property Master n/a 120805 24000002
Marco Henry Assistant (to the Producers) 120820 25000001
Roxy Toporowych Assistant Property Master n/a 120969 24000001
Jimmy Zelinger Titles Title Designer(Pacific Title) 120825 23000001
Hunter Marshall Catering Chef(Premiere Caterers, Inc.) 120954 22000004
Lisa Kent Set Decorator n/a 165 9000002
Jody Asnes Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Doug Bernheim Producer n/a 3 3000002
Anthony LaPaglia Executive Producer n/a 174 3000003
John Limotte Producer n/a 3 3000001
Josh Sternfeld Director n/a 2 2000001
Rocco Rosiaro Actor Pete's Friend #1 1 1000017
Tim Dowlin Actor Pete's Friend #2 1 1000018
Jodi Peikoff Executive Producer n/a 174 3000004
George Paaswell Co-Producer n/a 170 3000005
Amanda Slater Assistant Director n/a 163 5000003
Alfonso Trinidad Assistant Director n/a 163 5000004
Hakim Quest Unit Manager n/a 120832 5000002
George Paaswell Unit Production Manager n/a 182 5000001
Amanda Slater Associate Producer n/a 171 3000006
Josh Sternfeld Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Dana Segal Actor Math Teacher 1 1000016
Jason Fuchs Actor Bob 1 1000015
Brendan Sexton III Actor Robbie 1 1000006
Michelle Monaghan Actor Stacey 1 1000007
Ron Livingston Actor Mr. Bricker 1 1000005
Allison Janney Actor Molly Ripken 1 1000004
Mark Webber Actor Pete Winters 1 1000002
Anthony LaPaglia Actor Jim Winters 1 1000003
Ebon Moss-Bachrach Actor Steve 1 1000008
Kel O'Neill Actor Tim 1 1000009
Kathleen Bridget Kelly Actor Mrs. Burton 1 1000013
Welker White Actor History Teacher 1 1000014
Tom Sadoski Actor Chris Bender 1 1000012
Frank Wood Actor Bill Brennan 1 1000011
Lars Engstrom Actor Andrew 1 1000010
Michael L. Walker Assistant Director n/a 163 5000005
James Price Location Manager n/a 193 5000006
Doug Bernheim Music Supervisor n/a 120872 8000003
John Leventhal Performer Music Performer 120819 8000004
John Leventhal Music Producer n/a 323 8000002
John Leventhal Composer n/a 120836 8000001
Stan Sztaba Negative Cutter (World Cinevision) 556 7000004
Tina Pacheco Assistant Editor n/a 203 7000005
Myk Porter Song ("The Rookie Year") 120859 8000005
M Traxler Song ("The Rookie Year") 120859 8000006
Brandston Song Performer ("The Rookie Year") 120788 8000010
Iron and Wine Song Performer ("Lion's Mane") 120788 8000011
Sam Beam Song ("Lion's Mane") 120859 8000009
J Jolley Song ("The Rookie Year") 120859 8000008
John Sayre Song ("The Rookie Year") 120859 8000007
Patricia Sztaba Negative Cutter (World Cinevision) 556 7000003
Craig Spencer Dialogue Editor n/a 204 7000002
Harlan Bosmajian Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Bill Trautvetter Camera Operator n/a 239 6000002
Lauren Fritz Assistant Location Manager n/a 194 5000010
Kat Donahue Location Assistant n/a 120947 5000009
Stephanie Marquardt Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000007
Anita Sum Production Coordinator n/a 162 5000008
Ron Travisano Assistant Camera n/a 233 6000003
Milly Itzhak Assistant Camera n/a 233 6000004
Joe Violante Camera Coordinator Technicolor Coordinator 121105 6000008
Plummy Tucker Editor n/a 172 7000001
Don Ciana Color Timer (Technicolor New York) 120921 6000007
Ethan Borsuk Loader n/a 120956 6000006
Larry Riley Photography Stills Photographer 120835 6000005
Aaron Stanford Actor Gabe Winters 1 1000001
Jim Winters is a widower raising two teenage sons in a modest New Jersey home where the unspoken presence of the boys' mother--killed in a car accident five years earlier--lingers with a quiet intensity. Gabe, the oldest son, wants nothing more than to get out of the New Jersey suburbs and start a new life in Florida, even if it means leaving behind his girlfriend Stacey, his younger brother Peter and his father, who has tried to be strong for his boys, but still clearly misses his wife. Jim doesn't have a clue that Gabe wants to leave town. He's busy trying to run a small landscaping business and keeps Pete on track to finish high school, something at which Pete's teacher Mr. Bricker is working hard as well. Pete is increasingly restless and at odds with nearly everyone around him. He's certainly not about to open up about surviving the crash that took his mother, and his father and brother aren't comfortable enough to let out their emotions about her very "present" absence either. The emotional impasse is about to be bridged when Molly Ripken moves into the quiet little community to housesit for a friend. Molly borrows a dolly from Jim, and when she returns it, she invites him and his boys to dinner as a gesture of thanks. With this subtle act of boldness, Molly ignites a spark in Jim that he'd long since let die. When the night of the dinner rolls around, the boys ditch their dad so he is forced to go alone. It turns out that a meal alone with Molly helps crack open this man of steel and gets him to start shedding his "super dad" front. It hasn't been easy being both parents and confiding in Molly unleashes Jim's frustrations, gets him talking about his past, and starts preparing him for his present. After dinner, Jim returns home to find his boys still out. He decides that if they want independence, he's going to help them. In fact, if they want to stay out all night, they can sleep out all night too; and with that, he tosses their mattresses and bedding on the front lawn. In the morning, the reality of Gabe's decision to leave home and Pete's growing rebelliousness still linger, but Jim's got a new spring in his step.