Ghost in the Shell (1996)

Ghost in the Shell
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating None
Runtime 1hr 22mins.
Genres Adaptation, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Animated
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Takashi Watanabe Production Designer production design 164 9000002
Hiromasa Ogura Art Director n/a 183 9000003
Shoji Kawamori Production Designer mechanic design 164 9000001
Kenji Kawai Music music director 120781 8000001
Shiuchi Kakesu Editor n/a 172 7000001
Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Sound sound effect 120816 14000001
Toshiluko Nishikubo Animation Director n/a 740 23000001
Mitsuo Izo Other gun design 120795 26000004
Hiroyuki Okiura Other character design 120795 26000003
Keisuke Okiura Other character design 120795 26000002
Masamune Shirow Other from comic 120795 26000001
Masamune Shirow From Story from original story 120870 4000002
Kazunori Ito Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Mamoru Oshii Director n/a 2 2000001
Yoshimasa Mizuo Producer n/a 3 3000001
Iemasa Kayumi Voice Project 2501 Aka 'The Puppet Master' 475 1000005
Tamio Oki Voice Section 9 Department Chief Aramaki (JPN) 475 1000004
Richard Epcar Voice Bateau 475 1000002
Shigeru Watanabe Producer n/a 3 3000002
Ken Iyadomi Producer n/a 3 3000003
Andy Frain Executive Producer (Manga Entertainment) 174 3000007
Takashi Mogi Executive Producer (Bandai Visual) 174 3000006
Teruo Miyahara Executive Producer (Kodansha) 174 3000005
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Producer n/a 3 3000004
Atsuko Tanaka Voice Major Motoko Kusanagi 475 1000001
Set in the year 2029 and following World Wars III and IV, a Japanese-led Asian block dominates world affairs. The alliance maintains its international supremacy through its elite security force whose cybernetically enhanced operatives tackle an array of hi-tech terrorists and other threats to international security. These augmented agents can "ghost hack" (i.e., download their consciousness) via the now omnipresent internet into other machines and human/machine cross breeds. Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cybernetically augmented female agent, has been tracking a virtual entity known as the Puppet Master with her crack squad of security agents. The shape-shifting Puppet Master, a rogue creation of a rival agency of the security apparatus, has concluded that it is a life form in its own right, "born in sea of information," and requested political asylum and true physical existence in defiance of its creators.