Farmingville (2004)

Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr 18mins.
Genres Documentary
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
  • Sundance 2004: It's a Wrap!
    By: Guylaine Cadorette Jan 25, 2004

    The Sundance Film Festival, which is backed by actor Robert Redford and his Sundance Institute for movies, comes to an end today in Park City, Utah. Saturday night's awards ceremony saw the sci-fi drama Primer, win the top grand jury prize, while the jurors awarded DIG! the top prize in the documentary category. Debra Grankik took the dramatic directing award for Down to the Bone, about a lower-middle-class wife and mother's struggles with cocaine addiction.

  • Sundance Unveils Part of 2004 Slate
    By: Guylaine Cadorette Dec 03, 2003

    Sundance Film Festival officials have announced entries for dramatic, documentary and "American Spectrum" categories of the 2004 festival, which runs Jan. 15 through Jan. 25 in Park City, Utah.

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David Katzive Graphics n/a 120826 23000001
Innes Smotansky Esq. Legal Counsel n/a 120913 18000002
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K C Witherell Graphics Promotional Graphics 120826 23000003
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Guy DeVito Music Bass Guitar 120781 8000003
Catherine Tambini Director n/a 2 2000001
Enter the traumatized world of Farmingville, a previously unassuming Long Island suburb that witnessed the beating and attempted murder of two Mexican day laborers. On the one side, the community's increasing population of undocumented aliens, who are crowding into single-family dwellings and assembling on early morning street corners, hoping to grab a day's wage; on the other, Farmingville's home-owning families, many of whom have lived there for generations and are watching what they envision as a bucolic little village slipping away. Amid a conflict pitting the providence of dreams against the privileges (and rights) of property, presenting both sides of the conflict while, at the same time, chronicling how a small town in upheaval can get co-opted into a national nightmare. Anti-immigration groups, racist hatemongers and even local figures with specialized agendas rise and fall throughout the telling of the Farmingville tale. More than a story about suburbs, property values, immigration, and racism, Farmingville is ultimately about the conflicted concept of what being American means.