The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1994)

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating None
Runtime 1hr 1mins.
Genres Fantasy, Animated
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Jane Adams Costumes model costumes 120828 13000001
Dave Borthwick Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Jean Thurlow Makeup makeup consultant 353 13000002
Paul Hamblin Dubbing Mixer n/a 120923 14000001
Andy Kennedy Sound Design n/a 120905 14000002
Dave Borthwick Editor n/a 172 7000001
Frank Passingham Cinematographer cinematography 402 6000002
Hengameh Panahi Associate Producer n/a 171 3000004
Colin Rose Executive Producer (BBC) 174 3000003
Dave Borthwick Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Mike Gifford Production Manager n/a 305 5000001
Dave Borthwick Cinematographer cinematography 402 6000001
Chris Dickens Sound Editor n/a 229 14000003
Justin Exley Visual Effects character models 419 23000001
Lee Wilton Animator key animator 483 23000009
Frank Passingham Animator key animator 483 23000008
John Paul Jones Other ("Tom Thumb" theme) 120795 26000001
Mark Brierly Other set drawings 120795 26000002
John D Schofield Other script associate 120795 26000003
Dave Borthwick Animator key animator 483 23000007
Bill Thurston Background Painter painted backgrounds 121029 23000006
Jan Sanger Visual Effects character models 419 23000002
Cathy Price Visual Effects models & set 419 23000003
Beverly Knowlden Visual Effects models & set 419 23000004
Tim Farrington Background Painter painted backgrounds 121029 23000005
Thierry Garrel Executive Producer (La Sept) 174 3000002
Richard "Hutch" Hutchison Producer n/a 3 3000001
Dave Alex Riddett Actor n/a 1 1000010
Andy Davis Actor n/a 1 1000009
Andy Joyce Actor n/a 1 1000011
Richard Goleszowski Actor n/a 1 1000012
Tim Norfolk Actor n/a 1 1000013
George Brandt Actor n/a 1 1000008
Robert Heath Actor n/a 1 1000007
Frank Passingham Actor Drunkard A 1 1000003
Deborah Collard Actor Ma Thumb 1 1000002
John D Schofield Actor Drunkard B 1 1000004
Tom Actor Himself 1 1000005
Mike Gifford Actor n/a 1 1000006
John Beede Actor n/a 1 1000014
Andy McCormack Actor n/a 1 1000015
Tim Hand Voice n/a 475 1000023
Marie Clifford Voice n/a 475 1000022
Andrew Bailey Voice n/a 475 1000024
Dave Borthwick Director n/a 2 2000001
Frank Passingham Director 2nd unit director 2 2000002
Pete Townshend Voice n/a 475 1000021
Paul Veysey Voice n/a 475 1000020
Nick Upton Voice n/a 475 1000016
John D Schofield Voice n/a 475 1000017
Brett Lane Voice n/a 475 1000018
Helen Veysey Voice n/a 475 1000019
Nick Upton Actor Pa Thumb 1 1000001
Set in a world of dark and shadowy tenements, shining high-tech labs and septic landscapes of garbage and ruins, a tiny child is mysteriously born to a couple in the seediest part of town. Tiny Tom is snatched by sinister forces who kill his mother and force him to undergo evil experiments in a lab full of mutant creatures. He narrowly escapes into a world where he finds companionship with people his own size and starts to fight back against the "giants" alongside Jack the Giant Killer. Together, they track down Tom's father. But later, in a dark alley where drunken men congregate, Tom witnesses a violent fight in which his father is beaten to death. The two small friends find themselves alone in the hostile city. They "hi-jack" a giant and make their way to the laboratory, eventually reaching the diabolic Imp Chamber. Bent on destruction, Jack releases the Imp's raging energy, causing a chain reaction that envelopes Tom who is reborn into a world full of light and love... or is it?