Bamboozled (2000)

Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 2hr 15mins.
Genres Drama, Comedy
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
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  • Bamboozled Review

    Spike Lee is a natural tree-shaker and grenade-thrower whose remarks to the press sometimes provoke deeper arguments about American culture than most of the softball "message" movies Hollywood lobs out for Oscar consideration. Few of his recent films have lived up to the early promise of Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, but even his misfires display a kind of intellectual daring that's increasingly difficult to find in movie theaters these days. Such is the case with Bamboozled, a potent but unfocused satire about the depiction of blacks in the media that ultimately collapses under the weight of its lofty ambitions. Paying homage at several points to its clear model, the seminal 1976 television-biz send-up Network, Lee's latest attack on institutionalized racism follows Harvard-educated black TV exec Pierre Delacroix (Damon Wayans). He responds to pressure from his boss (Michael Rapaport) to dream up a "cutting edge" new program that will boost the network's lagging ratings. Delacroix responds with a concept so offensive that he's sure it will be rejected out of hand: an old-fashioned minstrel show featuring two "Amos and Andy"-style characters clowning in blackface at a Southern plantation. To his surprise (but hardly the audience's), this shocking collection of racial stereotypes is quickly picked up for production, and the resulting show is an instant hit with white and black audiences alike. Writer-director-producer Lee is at home with the biting irony of the film's first section, and scenes, such as the one in which Delacroix urges the program's all-white writing staff to dig into its personal angst over the O.J. Simpson verdict ("How do you feel when the glove didn't fit?"), are hilariously on-target. The decision to shoot in digital video - currently the rage among indie filmmakers - fits Lee's fast-and-loose style, and the resulting gritty look works well in a film about television. Once the new show is up and running, however, basic story problems and a lack of clear direction begin to sap the film's momentum. For one thing, we're never given a convincing reason why Delacroix wants to create the most derogatory depiction of black people imaginable (an early suggestion that he's doing so to get fired and escape from his contract with the network just doesn't wash). The motivations of his brainy assistant (Nutty Professor II's Jada Pinkett-Smith) are similarly murky. Lee sets her up as the conscience of the piece, but if she's so knowledgeable about the cultural subjugation of blacks in American history, why does she go along with her Delacroix's horrifying idea in the first place? Wayans' over-the-top work as the pretentious Delacroix generates plenty of humorous moments, though his winking sketch-comedy approach often seems out of sync with the more realistic performances from the rest of the actors. Of these, Rapaport (Mighty Aphrodite) is the funniest as a white network executive who thinks he's down with the black folk because he's in an interracial marriage and has a wall covered with photos of African-American sports heroes. Tommy Davidson (Booty Call) and dancer/choreographer Savion Glover (Broadway's Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk) are charming as the street performers Delacroix recruits to play the show's comedy-and-dance men, but Lee's attempts to flesh out their characters with some last-minute serious drama never really get anywhere. From his wry spoofing of commercials that mirror the minstrel show's black-faced antics to his chilling use of racist imagery from actual movies, TV shows and everyday objects, Lee has loaded Bamboozled with enough challenging ideas to power two or three such movies. However, by the time the film has dragged to the end of its taxing 136 minutes, it's clear he never found a way to shape those ideas into a satisfying whole.

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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Damon Wayans Actor Pierre Delacroix 1 1000001
Savion Glover Actor Mantan 1 1000002
Savion Glover Actor Manray 1 1000003
Jada Smith Actor Sloan Hopkins 1 1000004
Tommy Davidson Actor Womack 1 1000005
Tommy Davidson Actor Sleep 'N Eat 1 1000006
Michael Rapaport Actor Dunwitty 1 1000007
Thomas Byrd Actor Honeycutt 1 1000008
Paul Mooney Actor Junebug 1 1000009
Sarah Jones Actor Dot 1 1000010
Gillian Waters Actor Verna 1 1000011
Susan Batson Actor Orchid Dothan 1 1000012
Yasiin Bey Actor (Mau Mau's) 1 1000013
M Serch Actor (Mau Mau's) 1 1000014
Gano Grills Actor (Mau Mau's) 1 1000015
Charli Baltimore Actor (Mau Mau's) 1 1000018
Dormeshia Sumbray-Edwards Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000020
Tyheesha Collins Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000021
Cartier Williams Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000022
Jason Bernard Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000023
Baakari Wilder Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000024
Sekou Torbet Actor (Pickaninny's) 1 1000025
Ahmir Thompson Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000026
Tarik Trotter Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000027
James Gray Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000028
Leonard Hubbard Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000029
Kyle Jones Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000030
Christopher Wynkoop Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000031
Jani Blom Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000032
Dina Pearlman Actor (Alabama Porch Monkey's) 1 1000033
Imhotep Byrd Actor Himself 1 1000034
Johnnie Cochran Actor Himself 1 1000035
Reverend Sharpton Actor Himself 1 1000036
Mira Sorvino Actor Herself 1 1000037
Matthew Modine Actor Himself 1 1000038
Arthur Nascarella Actor Police Chief 1 1000039
Liza Peterson Actor (Casting Director) 1 1000040
Don Peavy Actor Auditioning Dancer 1 1000041
Tony Arnaud Actor Auditioning 'Digeroo-Doo Player' 1 1000042
Tuffy Questall Actor Auditioning 'Singer' 1 1000043
David Wain Actor Bunning 1 1000044
Ron Lawrence Actor Mau Mau's Engineer 1 1000045
Al Palagonia Actor Bobby 1 1000046
Mildred Clinton Actor Louise 1 1000047
Ephraim Benton Actor Tre 1 1000048
Tanesha Gary Actor Stacy 1 1000049
Shannon Williams Actor Young Black Woman 1 1000050
Matthew Weiss Actor Young White Man 1 1000051
Coati Mundi Actor Papo 1 1000052
Rodney Jackson Actor Stage Security Guard 1 1000054
Rafael Osorio Actor Stage Security Guard 1 1000055
Anna Hsieh Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000056
Chris Elsewhere Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000057
Cheryl Bowers Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000058
Julie Dretzin Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000059
Steven McElroy Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000060
Stephen Kunken Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000061
Katie MacNichol Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000062
A.D. Miles Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000063
Daniel Milder Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000064
Jason Winther Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000065
Ed Blunt Actor CNS Secutiry Guard 1 1000066
Renton Kirk Actor CNS Secutiry Guard 1 1000067
Kim Director Actor Starlet 1 1000068
Connie Freestone Actor Starlet 1 1000069
Rayietta Hill Actor Hottie 1 1000070
Johnathan Wallace Actor Dawg 1 1000071
Arthur Thomas Actor Dawg 1 1000072
Lisa Ferreira Actor One of the Da Bomb Girls 1 1000073
Kiki Haynes Actor One of the Da Bomb Girls 1 1000074
Judah Jacobs Actor One of the Da Bomb Girls 1 1000075
Joanie Laurer Actor One of the Da Bomb Girls 1 1000077
Luz Whitney Actor One of the Da Bomb Girls 1 1000078
Danny Hoch Actor Timmi Hillnigger 1 1000079
Josh Weinstein Actor (Mantan Writing Staff) 1 1000080
Spike Lee Director n/a 2 2000001
Spike Lee Producer n/a 3 3000001
Jon Kilik Producer n/a 3 3000002
Kisha Cameron Associate Producer n/a 171 3000003
Spike Lee Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Jonathan Filley Unit Production Manager n/a 182 5000001
Mike Ellis Assistant Director n/a 163 5000002
Tracey Hinds Assistant Director key 2nd assistant director 163 5000003
Colin Cumberbatch Post-Production Supervisor n/a 120796 5000004
Paul Leonardo Post-Production Supervisor assistant post supervisor 120796 5000005
Tom Ross Location Manager n/a 193 5000006
Shari Carpenter Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000007
Carolyn DeSousa Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000008
Betty Chin Production Coordinator n/a 162 5000009
LeRoy McCarthy Location Scout n/a 311 5000010
Phil Schulz Location Scout n/a 311 5000011
Bryan Iler Location Scout n/a 311 5000012
Ryan Viniotis Location Assistant n/a 120947 5000013
Hakim Quest Location Assistant n/a 120947 5000014
Paul Hogan DGA Trainee n/a 120878 5000015
Colin Cumberbatch Assistant Production Coordinator n/a 192 5000016
Michael Anthony Assistant Location Manager n/a 194 5000017
Michael Pinckney Assistant Director 2nd assistant director 163 5000018
Ellen Kuras Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Chris Norr Camera Operator "A" camera operator 239 6000002
Christopher Hall Camera Operator "A" camera operator 239 6000003
Ricardo Sarmiento Camera Operator n/a 239 6000004
Jay Hendrickx Camera camera scenic 120798 6000005
Cinque Lee Video video archivist 120800 6000006
Tim Masick Video video color timing(Moving Images at the Color Wheel) 120800 6000007
David Lee Photography still photographer 120835 6000008
David Levinthal Photography still photographs from("Blackface" (Santa Fe, New Mexico)) 120835 6000009
Niel Leifer Photography 1968 Olympics Mexico City photograph 120835 6000010
Craig Seti Dailies dailies advisor 120999 6000011
Patrick Lindenmaier Color Timer n/a 120921 6000012
Jim Belletier Camera Assistant "A" camera 1st assistant 120867 6000013
Kerwin DeVonish Camera Assistant "A" camera 2nd assistant 120867 6000014
Phillip Todd Camera Assistant "B" camera 1st assistant 120867 6000015
Kris Enos Camera Assistant "B" camera 2nd assistant 120867 6000016
Keith Matthis Camera Assistant n/a 120867 6000017
Leah Yananton Camera Assistant camera intern 120867 6000018
Addy Smith Camera Assistant camera intern 120867 6000019
Sam Pollard Editor n/a 172 7000001
Barry Brown Editor n/a 172 7000002
Blake Leyh Editor effects editor 172 7000003
Glenfield Payne Editor effects editor 172 7000004
Kimberly McCord Dialogue Editor n/a 204 7000005
Tish Giffoni Editorial Assistant editing room assistant 120855 7000006
Geeta Gandbhir Assistant Editor n/a 203 7000007
John Parricelli Music guitar(London Orchestra) 120781 8000001
Julian Farrell Music bass clarinet(London Orchestra) 120781 8000002
Jay Weigel Music music preparation(London) 120781 8000003
Eric Harland Music drums(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000004
Derek Nievergelt Music bass(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000005
Brice Winston Music tenor saxophone(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000006
Aaron Fletcher Music alto saxophone(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000007
Jeffrey Mironov Music guitar(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000008
Roger Rosenberg Music bass clarinet(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120781 8000009
Alison Lacourse Music music assistant(New York City) 120781 8000010
Terence Blanchard Music Conductor score conductor 120818 8000011
Isobel Griffiths Music Contractor Orchestra Contractor 121013 8000012
Linda Cohen Music Coordinator (New York City) 206 8000013
Alex Steyermark Music Supervisor n/a 120872 8000014
Terence Blanchard Original Score n/a 120839 8000015
Gavyn Wright Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000016
Andy Findon Performer alto flute Flutist(London Orchestra) 120819 8000017
Terence Blanchard Performer Trumpet 120819 8000018
Edward Simon Performer piano(London Orchestra) 120819 8000019
Frank Rocotti Performer percussion(London Orchestra) 120819 8000020
Gary Kettel Performer percussion(London Orchestra) 120819 8000021
Perry Montague-Mason Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000022
Dave Woodcock Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000023
Chris Tombling Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000024
Rita Manning Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000025
Boguslav Kostecki Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000026
Patrick Kiernan Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000027
Everton Nelson Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000028
Vaughan Armon Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000029
Simon Fischer Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000030
John Bradbury Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000031
Jackie Shave Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000032
Tom Bowes Performer violin(London Orchestra) 120819 8000033
Kenny Barron Performer piano(New York Jazz Ensemble) 120819 8000034
Stevie Wonder Song n/a 120859 8000035
Prince Song n/a 120859 8000036
Allen Gordon Song ("One Night") 120859 8000037
Teron Beal Song ("One Night") 120859 8000038
Angie Stone Song n/a 120859 8000039
Ron Lawrence Song ("Blak iz Blak") 120859 8000040
Yasiin Bey Song ("Blak iz Blak") 120859 8000041
Germaine Williams Song ("Blak iz Blak") 120859 8000042
Michael Berrin Song ("Blak iz Blak") 120859 8000043
Craig Grant Song ("Blak iz Blak") 120859 8000044
Tiffany Lane Song songs("Blak iz Blak" "Charlie") 120859 8000045
Gano Grills Song n/a 120859 8000046
Charlie Baltimore Song ("Charlie") 120859 8000048
L Fischer Song ("Hollywood") 120859 8000050
D Wolinski Song ("Hollywood") 120859 8000051
Ahmir Thompson Song songs("Mantan Show Music" "Burn Hollywood Burn") 120859 8000052
Tarik Trotter Song songs("Mantan Show Music" "Burn Hollywood Burn") 120859 8000053
Leonard Hubbard Song ("Mantan Show Music") 120859 8000054
James Gray Song ("Mantan Show Music") 120859 8000055
Gerald Levert Song n/a 120859 8000056
Andy Gibson Song ("Dream with No Love") 120859 8000057
Irving Lorenzo Song ("Charlie") 120859 8000058
Common Song ("The Light") 120859 8000059
James Yancey Song ("The Light") 120859 8000060
Bobby Caldwell Song ("The Light") 120859 8000061
Norman Harris Song ("The Light") 120859 8000062
Bruce Malament Song ("The Light") 120859 8000063
R Barnett Song ("Just a Song") 120859 8000065
T Burton Song ("Just a Song") 120859 8000066
C Gipp Song ("Just a Song") 120859 8000067
W Knighton Song ("Just a Song") 120859 8000068
India.Arie Song n/a 120859 8000069
Blue Miller Song ("In My Head") 120859 8000070
Kenyatta Saunders Song ("Burn Hollywood Burn") 120859 8000071
Carlton Ridenhour Song ("Burn Hollywood Burn") 120859 8000072
Zach De La Rocha Song n/a 120859 8000073
Bruce Hornsby Song n/a 120859 8000074
Stevie Wonder Song Performer ("Misrepresented People" "Some Years Ago") 120788 8000075
Prince Song Performer ("2045 Radical Man") 120788 8000076
Angie Stone Song Performer ("Slippery Shoes") 120788 8000078
Gano Grills Song Performer ("Blak iz Blak") 120788 8000079
Yasiin Bey Song Performer ("Blak iz Blak" (featuring The Maumaus/Canibus/Charlie Baltimore/MC Serch/DJ Scratch/Mums/Gano Grills)) 120788 8000081
Charlie Baltimore Song Performer ("Blak iz Blak" (featuring The Maumaus/Mos Def/Canibus/MC Serch/DJ Scratch/Mums/Gano Grills)) 120788 8000083
Gano Grills Song Performer ("Blak iz Blak" (featuring The Maumaus/Mos Def/Canibus/MC Serch)) 120788 8000087
Erykah Badu Song Performer ("Hollywood" "The Light" (featuring Common)) 120788 8000088
Gerald Levert Song Performer ("Dream with No Love") 120788 8000090
Common Song Performer ("The Light" (featuring Erykah Badu)) 120788 8000091
Goodie Mob Song Performer ("Just a Song") 120788 8000092
India.Arie Song Performer ("In My Head" (credited as India.Arie)) 120788 8000093
Zach De La Rocha Song Performer ("Burn Hollywood Burn") 120788 8000094
Carlton Ridenhour Song Performer ("Burn Hollywood Burn") 120788 8000095
Bruce Hornsby Song Performer ("Shadowlands") 120788 8000096
Victor Kempster Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Ford Wheeler Set Decorator n/a 165 9000002
Harry Darrow Art Director n/a 183 9000003
Jeff Butcher Set Dresser on-set dresser 197 9000004
Robert de Mar Set Dresser on-set dresser 197 9000005
James Callahan Set Dresser n/a 197 9000006
Donald Grant Set Dresser n/a 197 9000007
William Kolpin Set Dresser n/a 197 9000008
Jeff Naparstek Set Dresser n/a 197 9000009
Mark Simon Set Dresser n/a 197 9000010
Scott Rosenstock Lead Person leadman 120957 9000011
Gregory Hill Assistant Art Director n/a 315 9000012
Alvin Moore Assistant Art Director n/a 315 9000013
Jen Martley Art Department Coordinator n/a 195 9000014
Joe Zito Art Department Henry artist 120843 9000015
Shawn McKeegan Art Assistant art department production assistant 120974 9000016
Alex DiGerlando Art Assistant art department intern 120974 9000017
Aisha Coley Casting n/a 179 10000001
Anna Park Casting Associate n/a 160 10000002
Tuffy Questall Extras Casting (Tec Casting) 120851 10000003
Michael Alvarez Extras Casting extras casting associate 120851 10000004
Traci Runcie Extras Casting extras casting associate 120851 10000005
Jaime Wilson Extras Casting Assistant extras casting assistant intern 120970 10000006
Sundi Lofty Extras Casting Assistant extras casting assistant intern 120970 10000007
Leon Dudevoir Production Executive n/a 118216 11000001
Michael Charles Consultant visual consultant 120784 12000001
Corin Gutteridge Consultant theatrical lighting consultant 120784 12000002
Earl Smith Liaison (40 Acres and a Mule) 121064 12000003
Judy Aley Research researcher 458 12000004
Manuel Penichet Research research intern 458 12000005
Danielle Hollowell Assistant Costume Designer n/a 252 13000001
Emilio Sosa Assistant Costume Designer n/a 252 13000002
Yvens de Thelismond Assistant Costume Designer n/a 252 13000003
Ruth Carter Costume Designer n/a 169 13000004
Yolando Carter Costumes costume assistant 120828 13000005
Careen Fowles Costumes assistant costumer 120828 13000006
Milady Hartmann Costumes assistant costumer 120828 13000007
Nathan Busch Hair Stylist key hairstylist 120799 13000008
Dale Brownell Hair Stylist n/a 120799 13000009
Selena Miller Makeup n/a 353 13000010
Carol Rasheed Makeup n/a 353 13000011
Eleanora Winslow Makeup Artist key makeup artist 120801 13000012
Sharyn Cordice Makeup Artist n/a 120801 13000013
Patrice Coleman Makeup Supervisor background makeup supervisor 517 13000014
Darlene Jackson Wardrobe Supervisor n/a 120908 13000015
Suzanne Kelly Wardrobe Supervisor n/a 120908 13000016
Marissa Littlefield ADR Editor n/a 220 14000001
Hal Levinsohn ADR Editor group ADR editor 220 14000002
Dave Lynch Assistant Sound Editor n/a 222 14000003
Chris Fielder Assistant Sound Editor n/a 222 14000004
Rob Harari Audio Consultant tap instrumental design & audio consultant 120934 14000005
Stuart Deutsch Boom Operator n/a 215 14000006
Frank Kern Foley foley supervisor 120961 14000007
Marko Costanzo Foley Artist n/a 223 14000008
Kam Chan Foley Editor n/a 221 14000009
Jennifer Ralston Foley Editor n/a 221 14000010
George Lara Foley Recordist n/a 225 14000011
Tom Fleischman Rerecording re-recording mixer 120995 14000012
James Ziegler Sound Dolby engineeer 120816 14000013
Phil Stockton Sound Editor n/a 229 14000014
Rolf Pardula Sound Mixer n/a 230 14000015
Geoff Foster Sound Mixer recorder & mixer(London) 230 14000016
Jim Anderson Sound Mixer recorder & mixer(New York) 230 14000017
Hardwick Johnson Lighting Technician lighting & grip equipment(Camera Services Center) 120907 15000001
Robert Andres Key Grip n/a 263 15000002
Arne Olsen Key Grip key construction grip 263 15000003
Terrence Burke Grip n/a 365 15000004
Tony Arnaud Grip n/a 365 15000005
Mel Cannon Grip n/a 365 15000006
John Velez Gaffer n/a 268 15000007
James Harris Electrician set electrician 450 15000008
Darrin Smith Electrician set electrician 450 15000009
David Anderson Electrician n/a 450 15000010
Lamont Crawford Dolly Grip n/a 264 15000011
Christopher Skutch Best Boy Grip n/a 265 15000012
Malcolm Murray Best Boy best boy electric 120885 15000013
Ralph Fratianni Best Boy best boy construction grip 120885 15000014
Jake Jackson Assistant Engineer (London) 120997 15000015
Jon Bailey Assistant Engineer (London) 120997 15000016
Michele Soddano Accountant payroll accountant 120802 16000001
Heather Parish Accountant 40 acres accounting 120802 16000002
Abbi Robinson Accountant 40 acres accounting 120802 16000003
John Finn Post-Production Accountant n/a 120979 16000004
Peggy Glascoe Assistant Accountant n/a 120950 16000005
Glenda Cox Assistant Accountant n/a 120950 16000006
Josh Schneider Assistant Accountant assistant post accountant 120950 16000007
Savion Glover Choreographer choreography 120803 17000001
Manny Siverio Stunt Coordinator n/a 120804 19000001
Manny Siverio Stunts n/a 240 19000002
Roy Farfel Stunts n/a 240 19000003
Michael Curry Construction Foreman n/a 277 21000001
Martin Bernstein Construction Coordinator n/a 276 21000002
Lucien Harriot Effects Supervisor digital effects supervisor 120866 23000001
Mark Palkoski Visual Effects animator/digital effects artist 419 23000002
Bilyana Boyadjieva Visual Effects animator/digital effects artist 419 23000003
Gabriel Peterson Visual Effects digital effects producer 419 23000004
Neal Martz Special Effects special effects masking 168 23000005
Joan Winters Graphic Designer n/a 120860 23000006
Donald Robinson Graphic Designer n/a 120860 23000007
Sarah Frank Graphic Designer computer graphic designer 120860 23000008
Joel Sevilla Animator n/a 483 23000009
Nancy Griffith Assistant Property Master n/a 120969 24000001
Robert Currie Assistant Props property assistant 120904 24000002
Mark Peltzer Property Master n/a 120805 24000003
Aimee Cavenecia Assistant (to set decorator) 120820 25000001
Jimmy Kim Assistant construction shop production assistant 120820 25000002
Leo Driver Production Assistant parking production assistant 275 25000003
Rahsan Jones Production Assistant parking production assistant 275 25000004
Aaron Douglas Production Assistant n/a 275 25000005
Rafael Osorio Production Assistant key production assistant 275 25000006
Rodney Jackson Production Assistant key production assistant 275 25000007
Yasmina Alaoui Production Assistant (40 Acres and a Mule) 275 25000008
Jack Condon Production Assistant (40 Acres and a Mule) 275 25000009
John Coumarbatch Production Assistant n/a 275 25000010
Thomas Heilig Transportation Captain n/a 272 25000011
Vic Nowak Transportation Co-Captain n/a 120973 25000012
Janelle Connor Post-Production Assistant n/a 120882 25000013
Proteus Spann Stand-In (for Damon Wayans) 121015 25000014
Asad Sankofa Stand-In (for Savion Glover) 121015 25000015
Noelia Warnette Stand-In (for Jada Pinkett-Smith) 121015 25000016
Leo Linton Stand-In (for Tommy Davidson) 121015 25000017
Parrish Hurley Stand-In (for Michael Rapaport) 121015 25000018
Chris Laurence Stand-In double bass(London Orchestra) 121015 25000019
Mary Scully Stand-In double bass(London Orchestra) 121015 25000020
Paul Morgan Stand-In double bass(London Orchestra) 121015 25000021
Simon Benson Stand-In double bass(London Orchestra) 121015 25000022
Maria Costa Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000023
Bradley Williams Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000024
Willow Jenkins Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000025
Jimmie Pinckney Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000026
Kija Brooks Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000027
Rich Edwards Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000028
Parrish McLean Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000029
Jeff Ellerbee Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000030
Calvin Ruffin Set Production Assistant n/a 371 25000031
Jason Lampkin Production office(40 Acres and a Mule) 120824 25000032
Rod Gailes Production office(40 Acres and a Mule) 120824 25000033
Gary Cergol Product Placement n/a 121058 25000034
Ruth Hernandez Apprentice apprentice sound editor 120976 25000035
Mike Papadopoulous Other genny operator & rigging electric 120795 26000001
Kelly Neese Other cable 120795 26000002
Catherine Pierson Other buyer 120795 26000003
Leon Adair Other parking coordinator 120795 26000004
Marcial Francisco Other assistant parking coordinator 120795 26000005
Tjamal Noni Other production office secretary(40 Acres and a Mule) 120795 26000006
Ukeme Emem Other production office intern(40 Acres and a Mule) 120795 26000007
Elizabeth Wade Other production office intern(40 Acres and a Mule) 120795 26000008
Donny Levy Other production office intern(40 Acres and a Mule) 120795 26000009
Darren Ryan Other 25-frame playback 120795 26000010
Myron Odegaard Other shop electric 120795 26000011
Tim Main Other shop craftsman 120795 26000012
Jeff Taisey Other shop craftsman 120795 26000013
Jeffrey Glave Other scenic charge 120795 26000014
Chris Holbrook Other scenic shopman 120795 26000015
Paul Dale Other scenic intern 120795 26000016
James Geyer Other scenic intern 120795 26000017
Chris Doogan Other scenic intern 120795 26000018
Ann Sherrill Other scenic intern 120795 26000019
Jennifer Krause Other scenic intern 120795 26000020
Jane Grover Other scenic intern 120795 26000021
Raffaello Brown Other post-production intern 120795 26000022
Alan Aguilar Other chef(Coast to Coast Catering) 120795 26000023
Gavyn Wright Other orchestral leader 120795 26000024
John Anderson Other oboe(London Orchestra) 120795 26000025
Nick Rodwell Other clarinet(London Orchestra) 120795 26000026
John Pigneguy Other horn(London Orchestra) 120795 26000027
Richard Watkins Other horn(London Orchestra) 120795 26000028
Michael Thompson Other horn(London Orchestra) 120795 26000029
Peter Lale Other viola(London Orchestra) 120795 26000030
Katie Wilkinson Other viola(London Orchestra) 120795 26000031
Bruce White Other viola(London Orchestra) 120795 26000032
Bill Benham Other viola(London Orchestra) 120795 26000033
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Pierre Delacroix is a young, Harvard-educated man who is the sole person of color writing for an upstart network with floundering ratings. Despite several attempts, Delacroix has yet to see any of his concepts go into production. Now his boss, the ratings-hungry, culture-vulture Dunwitty, issues him a searing ultimatum: come up with a hot, trend-setting, headline-making, urban hit or get fired. Feeling doomed, Delacroix decides to present the most outrageous, unbelievable farce of stereotypical comedy he can imagine - hearkening back to the old days of "black-face" minstrel shows with a variety show featuring Mantan, a homeless tap dancer, and his sidekick Womack. Incredibly, Delacroix's spoof turns into a ratings bonanza, a cultural phenomenon that has the media pundits raving and audience of all types howling. But, for Delacroix, the runaway success of "Mantan: The New Millennium Minstrel Show" is the start of a rapid unraveling.