Pecker (1998)

Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 27mins.
Genres Drama, Comedy
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
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Brian Thomas Actor Larry--The Lughead 1 1000021
Joyce Flick Wendl Actor Street Lady 1 1000027
Liam Hughes Actor Wild Man of 22nd Street 1 1000028
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Kennen Sisco Actor Art Fan No 1 1 1000032
Mary Vivian Pearce Actor Homophobic Lady 1 1000031
Greg Gorman Actor Himself 1 1000029
Irving Jacobs Actor Guzzles 1 1000030
Anthony Rogers Actor Billy Heckman 'Death Row Dave' 1 1000019
Judith Knight Young Actor 'Fat & Furious' Lady 1 1000018
Martha Plimpton Actor Tina 1 1000006
Brendan Sexton III Actor Matt 1 1000007
Mink Stole Actor Precinct Captain 1 1000008
Mary Kay Place Actor Joyce--Pecker's Mother 1 1000005
Mark Joy Actor Jimmy--Pecker's Father 1 1000004
Christina Ricci Actor Shelley 1 1000002
Bess Armstrong Actor Dr Deborah Klompus 1 1000003
Lili Taylor Actor Rorey Wheeler 1 1000009
Patricia Hearst Actor Lynn Wentworth 1 1000010
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Sloane Brown Actor Sloane Brown--Channel 45 Anchor 1 1000059
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Kimberlee Suerth Actor Beautiful Girl 1 1000040
Emmy Collins Actor Hippie 1 1000038
Bridig Berlin Actor Supermarket Rich Lady 1 1000039
Andreas Kraemer Actor Junkie 1 1000045
Sharon Neisp Actor Bouncer 1 1000046
Channing Wilroy Actor Wise Guy Neighbor 1 1000051
Rosemary Knower Actor Friends of Mary No 1 1 1000052
Kate Kiley Actor Friends of Mary No 2 1 1000053
Tyler Miller Actor Randy--Blind Photographer 1 1000050
Regi Davis Actor Cop No 1 1 1000049
Delaney Williams Actor Construction Worker 1 1000047
Bobby Brown Actor Average Joe 1 1000048
Edward Furlong Actor Pecker 1 1000001
Following the life of a goofy, cute 18-year old who works in a Baltimore sandwich shop and takes photos on the side, Pecker is a tale of fame and fortune and the downside of instant celebrity. Pecker's life changes forever when his eclectic photo collection is discovered by a New York art dealer passing through Baltimore. The photos, which are sometimes grainy, sometimes out of focus and often over-exposed, struck a cord with the New York art world. Actually, it is precisely Pecker's depiction of his family's life that makes his pictures such a hit in New York. The art world loves Pecker's pictures for all the right reasons. To them, blue-collar Baltimore is exotic, new and exciting, when they see it out of context in Pecker's pictures. As a result, Pecker's friends and family suddenly get their day in the sun, their moment of fame. But with this attention comes a public life they had not bargained for.