20th Century Fox Buys Rights To Another Unpublished Book

Matthew QuirkImage via the always reliable Google Images! Way to go!

The screen rights to The Five Hundred, the first novel from Matthew Quirk, have been bought by 20th Century Fox after a fierce bidding war that left Fox ponying up a low-to-mid six figure deal for the book. And it hasn’t even been published yet. Score another one for speculation!

Anyway, in the dumbest summation I’ve heard today, The Five Hundred is described as The Firm but in politics. *Shakes head.* Basically a poor kid grows up, graduates Harvard law (the only law school worth a damn, apparently), finds a job with THE top consulting/PR firm (poor bastard), but starts to feel some doubt when his mentor, the boss, gets a little too ruthless. Basically a whiz kid from the country comes to find out he can’t roll with the big boys in the city. Dumbass.

Source: Deadline.