’21 Jump Street’ Rob Riggle: ‘Channing Tatum Is a Funny Guy’

ALTRidiculously good looking people get a bad rap. There’s a double standard enforced by comedy lovers against the beautiful; just because a person is seemingly chiseled out of marble like a greek statue, doesn’t mean they’re incapable of landing a joke. Thus, selling Channing Tatum as the lead in a big studio comedy is hard for some to swallow. But that’s not fair! Because he’s hilarious.

Don’t believe it? Then put your trust in Rob Riggle, one of the fastest Wordslingers in the West (Hollywood). Riggle, who’s been stealing scenes since his days as a Daily Show correspondent, is a master of improv, capable of riffing in any scene, on any subject. So when he endorses his 21 Jump Street co-star as a solid comedy presence, it’s time to believe.

I sat down with Riggle to talk his gym teacher role in 21 Jump Street, how one prepares to improv like crazy on set, and his experience working with Tatum and Jonah Hill.

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