My Kid Could Paint That (2007)

My Kid Could Paint That
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating PG 13
Runtime 1hr 22mins.
Genres Documentary, Biopic
Keywords childhood, investigation
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Rondo Brothers Song Performer ("Dark Flowers") 120788 8000042
J Swinscoe Song ("Flite") 120859 8000008
B Arnovick Song ("Dark Flowers") 120859 8000009
The Cinematic Orchestra Song Performer ("Flite") 120788 8000041
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J Why Song ("Always Be") 120859 8000014
Four Tet Song Performer ("First Thing") 120788 8000040
Bonobo Song Performer ("Gypsy") 120788 8000044
J Why Song Performer ("Always Be") 120788 8000045
Simon Green Song ("Gypsy") 120859 8000013
Kieran Mies David Hebden Song ("First Thing") 120859 8000033
Paul Sacco Consultant Dolby Sound Consultant 120784 12000001
Carl Deal Consultant Archival Consultant 120784 12000002
Bob Dylan Song Performer ("When I Paint My Masterpiece") 120788 8000063
Gunild Keetman Song Performer ("Vier Stucke Fur Xylophon") 120788 8000061
The Mills Brothers Song Performer ("Funicull, Funicula") 120788 8000056
Peter Broderick Consultant n/a 120784 12000003
Jonathan Crosby Consultant n/a 120784 12000004
Celeste Russi ADR Voice Casting Voice Over Talent 2515 14000002
Tara Sands ADR Voice Casting Voice Over Talent 2515 14000001
Holly Cara Price Research Research and Clearances 458 12000006
Jessica Berman-Bogdan Research Research and Clearances 458 12000005
The Herbaliser Song Performer ("A Mother (For Your Mind)") 120788 8000055
Glenn Gould Song Performer ("Aria - goldberg Variations") 120788 8000054
Skalpel Song Performer ("Sculpture") 120788 8000043
Amir Bar-Lev Producer n/a 3 3000001
Zane Olmstead Actor Himself 1 1000002
Laura Olmstead Actor Herself 1 1000003
John Battsek Executive Producer n/a 174 3000002
Amir Bar-Lev Director n/a 2 2000001
Jonathan Maron Song Performer ("Always Be") 120788 8000046
DJ Vadim Song Performer ("The Harp Song, Pt. 2") 120788 8000052
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Andrew Ruhemann Co-Executive Producer n/a 185 3000005
In the span of only a few months, 4-year-old Marla Olmstead rocketed from total obscurity into international renown--and sold over $300,000 dollars worth of paintings. She was compared to Kandinsky and Pollock, and called "a budding Picasso." Inside Edition, The Jane Pauley Show, and NPR did pieces, and The Today Show and Good Morning America got in a bidding war over an appearance by the bashful toddler. There was talk of corporate sponsorship, with the family fielding calls from The Gap and Crayola. But not all of the attention was positive. From the beginning, many faulted her parents for exposing Marla to the glare of the media and accused the couple of exploiting their daughter for financial gain. Others felt her work was, in fact, comparable to the great Abstract Expressionists--but saw this as emblematic of the meaninglessness of Modern Art. Through no intention of her own, Marla revived the age-old question, 'what is art?' And then, five months into Marla's new life as a celebrity and just short of her fifth birthday, a bombshell dropped. CBS' 60 Minutes aired an exposé suggesting strongly that the paintings were painted by her father, himself an amateur painter. As quickly as the public built Marla up, they tore her down. The New York Post asked whether "the juvenile Jackson Pollock may actually be a full-fledged Willem de Frauding," the Olmsteads were barraged with hate mail, ostracized around town, sales of the paintings dried up, and Marla's art dealer considered moving out of Binghamton. Embattled, the Olmsteads turned to the filmmaker to clear their name. Torn between his own responsibility as a journalist and the family's desire to see their integrity restored, the director finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into a situation that can't possibly end well for him and them, and could easily end badly for both.