Green Dragon (2002)

Green Dragon
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating PG 13
Runtime 1hr 53mins.
Genres Drama, Period
Keywords creature
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Timothy Linh Bui From Story n/a 120870 4000003
Tony Bui From Story n/a 120870 4000004
William B Steakley Line Producer n/a 161 5000001
Tony Bui Story By n/a 120779 4000002
Timothy Linh Bui Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Forest Whitaker Executive Producer n/a 174 3000005
Alison Semenza Executive Producer n/a 174 3000006
Kramer Morgenthau Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Leo Trombetta Editor n/a 172 7000001
Rene Haynes Casting n/a 179 10000001
Ghia Fam Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Jerry Fleming Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
Jeff Danna Original Score n/a 120839 8000003
Mychael Danna Music n/a 120781 8000001
Mychael Danna Original Score n/a 120839 8000002
Andrew Stevens Producer n/a 3 3000004
Elie Samaha Producer n/a 3 3000003
Billinjer Tran Actor Duc 1 1000006
Long Nguyen Actor Q Hai 1 1000007
Phuoc Quan Nguyen Actor Loi 1 1000008
Trung Nguyen Actor Minh Pham 1 1000005
Don Duong Actor Tai Tran 1 1000004
Forest Whitaker Actor Addie 1 1000002
Hiep hi Le Actor Thuy Hoa 1 1000003
Catherine Ai Actor Hien 1 1000009
Phu Cuong Actor Old Man 1 1000010
Tony Bui Producer n/a 3 3000001
Tajamika Paxton Producer n/a 3 3000002
Timothy Linh Bui Director n/a 2 2000001
Kathleen Luong Actor Kim 1 1000013
Jennifer Tran Actor Anh Pram 1 1000011
Kieu Chinh Actor Kieu 1 1000012
Patrick Swayze Actor Staff Sergeant Jim Lance 1 1000001
At the end of the Vietnam War, refugee camps were set up across the deserts of the United States to house an exodus of over 100,000 Vietnamese immigrants before and immediately after the fall of Saigon. The tale, set in 1975, tells the struggle that these new Americans face. A young boy, Minh Pham who has arrived at Camp Pendleton with his uncle Tai and young sister Anh, constantly wanders the camp searching for his mother who hasn't yet arrived from Vietnam. Through Minh's daily search, we are introduced to a kaleidoscope of characters at the Camp, and through their eyes witness the spirit of immigration, ambition, hope and rebirths; as well as the tragedy of torn families, false expectations and lost identity. A friendship develops between Minh and Addie, an American who volunteers as a cook at the camp. Minh and Addie immediately take a liking to each other, as they share a common interest in drawings and Batman comic books. Without verbally understanding each other, the two have an unusual bond through art, and music, and the common loss of a mother. Another cross-cultural friendship forms when the head of the camp, Sergeant Jim Lance, asks Minh's Uncle Tai, a former translator for the U.S. Army, to be camp manager. As the two work together to make the camp run smoothly by helping the Vietnamese and Americans understand each other, both men deal with their own emotional battle scars left by the war.