Welcome to Collinwood (2002)

Welcome to Collinwood
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 26mins.
Genres Crime, Comedy
Keywords ensemble
Status Released
US Release Date
  • Macy uncovers Clooney's boozy secret
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    William H. Macy uncovered one of George Clooney's drinking secrets when he filmed Welcome To Collinwood with the movie superstar in 2001 - he'd dump shot after shot of tequila on the ground rather than upset fans and co-stars by turning down offers of free booze.

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  • Welcome to Collinwood Review

    While Collinwood is certainly an amusing, diverting little movie and the actors bring a lot of charm and craft to their roles, it is--in its own parlance--no Bellini.

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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Mark Mothersbaugh Song ("Maybe It's You") 120859 8000013
Paolo Conte Song ("Come Di") 120859 8000011
Mark Mothersbaugh Song Performer ("Snappy Pappy") 120788 8000022
Toledo Polkamotion Song Performer ("You and Me") 120788 8000024
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Jeff Mleczko Song ("You and Me") 120859 8000017
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Andrew Davoli Actor Basil 1 1000007
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Sam Rockwell Actor Pero 1 1000003
Jennifer Esposito Actor Carmela 1 1000009
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William H. Macy Actor Riley 1 1000001
When petty thief Cosimo is given the plan for the perfect heist from a lifer in prison--the kind of job you dream about, the kind of job that the reprobates on the block refer to as a 'Bellini'--he has to get out of jail, fast. Opportunities like this don't come along every day for the hard-luck folks who hang around the streets of Collinwood, a working class neighborhood on Cleveland's east side. What Cosimo needs is a fall guy, a 'Mullinski'--somebody who needs the $15,000 Cosimo can offer them, more than they need one to three years of freedom. But with Cosimo stuck in the joint, it's up to his girl Rosalind to track down a patsy. And while no one wants to do the time for Cosimo's crime, everybody seems to know a guy who will--and for a share in the Bellini, they're willing to track him down. Before long, Rosalind has five guys trailing behind her, looking to get their bungling hands on a piece of the action. Led by Pero, a very amateur boxer who schemes to get the particulars of the job from Cosimo, the group assembles itself. The motley crew consists of: photographer and frustrated artist Riley, a single father with an infant on his hands who needs a thousand bucks to spring his wife from jail; Leon, who desperately wants to secure a better life for his sister, Michelle; Basil, a handsome Italian gigolo who's as broke as a one-wheeled wagon; and Toto, a thief way past his prime who's got nothing but time on his hands.