Film Noir (2006)

Film Noir
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr 37mins.
Genres Crime, Animated, Urban, Noir, Mystery
Keywords detective, medical condition, murder, police
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Chris Barnett Supervising Sound Editor n/a 328 14000002
Risto Topaloski Animation Director n/a 740 23000001
Jelena Jovanovic Animator Lead Animator 483 23000002
Luke Dunn Gielmuda Sound Designer n/a 120915 14000001
Raymond Penn Art Director n/a 183 9000001
Andrej Marichich Editor n/a 172 7000002
Mark Keller Music n/a 120781 8000001
Verica Pajkovski Animator Lead Animator 483 23000003
Ivan Pejkic Animator Lead Animator 483 23000004
Nebojsa Letkovic Animator n/a 483 23000009
Kristijian Hranisavljevic Animator n/a 483 23000010
Ivan Pesic Animator n/a 483 23000008
Petar Lalic Animator n/a 483 23000007
Risto Topaloski Animator Lead Animator 483 23000005
Nemanja Gavrilovic Animator n/a 483 23000006
Namub Elephantine Editor n/a 172 7000001
Radan Popovic Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Amy Provenzano Voice n/a 475 1000006
Victoria O'Toole Voice n/a 475 1000007
D Jud Jones Director n/a 2 2000001
Kristina Negrete Voice n/a 475 1000005
Jeff Atik Voice n/a 475 1000004
Roger Jackson Voice n/a 475 1000002
Elaine A Clark Voice n/a 475 1000003
Risto Topaloski Director n/a 2 2000002
Miodrag Certic Producer n/a 3 3000001
Nikola Zivanovic Co-Producer n/a 170 3000006
D Jud Jones Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Oliver Smith Co-Producer n/a 170 3000005
Miodrag Janjusevic Co-Producer n/a 170 3000004
Miodrag Certic Executive Producer n/a 174 3000002
D Jud Jones Executive Producer n/a 174 3000003
Mark Keller Voice n/a 475 1000001
Los Angeles, night time; a man opens his eyes and regains consciousness. A car is parked nearby. Next to the car is a dead policeman's body. It seems like the man is the one who killed him. Next to the body is a gun. He can't remember anything--how he got there in the first place, what happened or who he is. The sirens are howling through the night--it's time to run. He takes the dead policeman's car and gets away. A phone rings. It is a call for a Sam Ruben, private detective. The voice on the other side says that the job is done and the money will soon be on his bank account.