Beautiful 2012 (2011)

Beautiful 2012
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 0hr 26mins.
Genres Drama, Foreign
Keywords N/A
Status Wrapped
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Kim Tae-Yong Screenplay ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 120778 4000004
Kim Young-hyun Screenplay ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 120778 4000005
Yang Weiwei Screenplay ("Long Tou") 120778 4000003
Lou Shiu Wa Screenplay ("My Way") 120778 4000002
Agnes Paik Producer ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 3 3000005
Tsai Ming-liang Screenplay ("Walker") 120778 4000001
Tsai Ming-liang Director of Photography ("Walker") 120780 6000001
Jason Kwan Director of Photography ("My Way") 120780 6000002
Manda Wai Editor ("My Way") 172 7000002
Yang Zhifeng Editor ("Long Tou") 172 7000003
Lei Cheng-Ching Editor ("Walker") 172 7000001
Kwon Sang-jun Director of Photography ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 120780 6000004
Dong Zhenye Director of Photography ("Long Tou") 120780 6000003
Yang Weiwei Producer ("Long Tou") 3 3000004
Gu Changwei Producer ("Long Tou") 3 3000003
Fang Fang Actor ("Long Tou") 1 1000006
Hui-soon Park Actor ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 1 1000007
Yang Weiwei Actor ("Long Tou") 1 1000005
Yan Lianke Actor ("Long Tou") 1 1000004
Francis Ng Actor ("My Way") 1 1000002
Jade Leung Actor ("My Way") 1 1000003
Gong Hyo-jin Actor ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 1 1000008
Tsai Ming-liang Director ("Walker") 2 2000001
Chen Kuan Ying Producer ("Walker") 3 3000001
Wong Yatping Producer ("My Way") 3 3000002
Kim Tae-Yong Director ("You Are More Than Beautiful") 2 2000004
Gu Changwei Director ("Long Tou") 2 2000003
Ann Hui Director ("My Way") 2 2000002
Lee Kang-sheng Actor ("Walker") 1 1000001
Four different directors engage with the concept of "what is beautiful?" while also grappling with issues relating to life, death and unhappiness:"You Are More Than Beautiful": As his father lies on his deathbed in the hospital, a man tries to satisfy his father's last wish by hiring an actress to play his visiting fiancée. However, the ruse works too well when the comatose father appears to unnervingly to connect with her. "Walker": Shortly after witnessing a brutal beating, Skunk's youthful innocence becomes sullied and a treacherous world fills her future over which she has no control. Skunk seeks solace in the unspoken friendship of the sweet but damaged Rick, and following, she is forced to face with the greatest choice of all."My Way": A man anxiously prepares for sex reassignment surgery. "Long Tou": A series of characters dwell on the realities of expectation.