Keanu Reeves Gets His Samurai On In ’47 Ronin’ Trailer


Who is looking forward to celebrating the holidays with Keanu Reeves? The actor’s Japanese samurai film 47 Ronin is due in theaters in December after being delayed for over a year. The action flick tells the tale of a band of warriors (47 to be exact), who seek revenge on Lord Kira, the man who killed their master.

You might not have gleaned that from the trailer, which focuses mostly on Keanu and his ever-monotone voice. His character Kai, an outcast himself, joins the Ronin in their quest for vengeance.

Credit: Universal Studios

Although the 47 Ronin were a real group of samurais who actually did kill Lord Kira in the 18th century, I doubt that Neo made an appearance. Or that there was a weird dragon-lady. (Also, they were all ordered to kill themselves after completing their mission… let’s see if that makes it into the film.) 47 Ronin finally hits in theaters on Dec. 25.

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