5 Movie Characters Who Will Give You A Hard Time During The Holidays

Helena Bonham Carter, Fight Club20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Imagine having to spend Christmas morning with Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) from Fight Club. Yes, your stomach must be churning, quick, find a wastebasket.

The holidays can be tough for movie characters that can only be described as misfits. Here are five such characters guaranteed to mess up your holiday cheer.

Marla Singer

What were you thinking? Only the truly crazy hang out with this woman. (See also Tyler Durden.) Will she run outside barefoot on Christmas morning? Maybe your face will get punched in. Or you could get a random call from a hospital because of her attempted suicide. Way to spend Christmas.

Walt Kowalski

Clint Eastwood plays this old fart perfectly in Gran Torino. Spending any holiday with this man will result in arguments, racial slurs and, possibly, gunshots. Limit your interaction to phone calls, at least you won’t get physically hurt. Your feelings, on the other hand …

The Incredible Hulk

If Dr. Bruce Banner gets the wrong gift, it’s all over, your life is in immediate danger. It doesn’t matter which actor portrays him, play it safe and give a gift card. Preferably one of those Visa ones in which you can spend money wherever. Don’t make him angry.

Rusty Ryan

Doesn’t this guy ever stop eating? Played by Brad Pitt, the Ocean’s Eleven smooth guy feels suicidal only in the morning and will steal from you if your bank account entices him. Perhaps giving him baked goods will keep him away from whatever fortune you have.

Dr. Emmett Brown

Easily the craziest of this group, the Doc (Christopher Lloyd) from Back to the Future will get you into trouble any day of the week. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean history can’t be altered or plutonium can’t be swindled. Don’t be surprised if somebody has this man committed as you’re opening presents at home.