50 Cent, Vanessa Hudgens Join Cusack, Cage for ‘The Frozen Ground’

Vanessa HudgensA couple of months back, we reported that the developing Alaskan-set movie The Frozen Ground had accumulated John Cusack and Nicolas Cage as its two headliners. Cusack will portray a vicious serial killer and sexual predator (based on the real Robert Hanson), and Cage will take the role of the state trooper dedicated to catching him. We now learn that two more notable figures will join the film: rapctor 50 Cent and High School Musician Vanessa Hudgens.

50 Cent’s character will be a 1980s-era (as is the setting of the film) pimp, possibly connected to Cusack’s Robert Hanson in some perverse business dealing. 50 Cent is also involved with the project as a producer.

Vanessa Hudgens will play an escaped victim to Hanson, whose method of torture/murder includes capturing women, releasing them into the Alaskan wild, and then hunting and killing them. So…we’re dealing with a pretty grim movie, here. Hudgens’ character will somehow break free from the grip of Hanson and land under the protection of Nicolas Cage’s state trooper character. Hudgens will work together with the law to help bring Hanson to justice.

So, considering the cast of Nicolas Cage (8MM), 50 Cent (Twelve), Vanessa Hudgens (Thirteen) and John Cusack (14…08), all we need to complete the pattern are Daniel Day-Lewis (Nine), Bo Derek (10) and George Clooney (Ocean’s Eleven). And what the hell, throw Kevin Spacey (Se7en) on the end of that. Now there’s a movie.

Source: Indiewire