50 Cent, Vincent D’Onofrio, Amy Ryan Join Ah-nold in ‘The Tomb’

50 CentArnold Schwarzenegger‘s upcoming action thriller The Tomb has added some muscle — partly literally, partly acting-wise — in the form of 50 Cent, Vincent D’Onofrio and Amy Ryan.

Ryan will play the lead female character, the possible love interest of an already on-board Sylvester Stallone, while D’Onofrio would potentially portray a man also involved with Sly … in a slightly different capacity.

Stallone has long been attached to The Tomb for some time to play a security expert who’s skills are put to the test when he’s framed and imprisoned in a high-tech compound. The specifics surrounding the former Governator’s role, meanwhile, are still not known. Mikael Hafstrom, perhaps best known to American audiences for last year’s The Rite, will direct The Tomb, due in 2013.

Those who can’t wait for the Ah-nold/Sly Planet Hollywood reunion (two-thirds of it, anyway) can catch the iconic duo this summer, in The Expendables 2.


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