Animatrix (2002)

Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr 30mins.
Genres Sci-Fi, Animated, Anthology
Keywords anime
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Lana Wachowski Screenplay ("Final Flight of Osirus") 120778 4000002
Andy Wachowski Screenplay ("Final Flight of the Osiris") 120778 4000001
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Screenplay ("Program") 120778 4000007
Shinichiro Watanabe Director ("Kid's Story") 2 2000004
Koji Morimoto Screenplay ("Beyond") 120778 4000009
Shinichiro Watanabe Screenplay ("A Detective Story") 120778 4000010
Don Davis Original Score ("Animatrix") 120839 8000002
Jason Bentley Music Supervisor ("Animatrix") 120872 8000001
Peter Chung Screenplay ("Matriculated") 120778 4000011
Peter Chung Director ("Matriculated") 2 2000008
Mahiro Maeda Director ("The Second Renaissance-Parts I and II") 2 2000002
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Director ("Program") 2 2000001
Carrie-Anne Moss Actor ("A Detective Story") 1 1000002
Andy Jones Director ("Final Flight of the Osiris") 2 2000003
Takeshe Koike Director ("World Record") 2 2000005
Keanu Reeves Actor ("Kid's Story") 1 1000001
Koji Morimoto Director ("Beyond") 2 2000006
Joel Silver Producer ("Final Flight of the Osiris") 3 3000001
Nine short animated films that share the general theme of the war between humanity and artificial intelligence. In "Final Flight of the Osiris," the crew of a hovercraft must get a message back to Zion and battle an armada of Sentinels along the way. As the genesis of the film "The Matrix," "The Second Renaissance-Parts I and II" serve as a guided tour and history of the Matrix. In "Kid's Story," a high school boy gets a personalized invitation from Neo to escape the Matrix. "Program" features a simulated Samurai training program in which a soldier of Zion is forced to chose between love and her comrades in the real world. In "World Record," a world-record holding sprinter breaks out of the Matrix. The quiet town of "Beyond" features a bug in the system--in the form of an abandoned mansion. "A Detective Story" finds a hard-boiled detective tracking cyber-criminal Trinity through the looking glass. And in "Matriculated," a small group of rebels capture a sentient robot and proceed to program it as an ally for their cause.