Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia (2014)

Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr 34mins.
Genres Adventure, Action, Thriller
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Claus Lulla Makeup Artist n/a 120801 13000003
Jeremy Balko ADR Mixer n/a 227 14000001
Margarita Jeannot Hair Stylist n/a 120799 13000002
Gladyris Silva Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Tom Minder Advisor Military Advisor 120821 12000002
Jason Krane ADR/Dialogue Editor Dialogue Editor 120939 14000002
Jason Lezama ADR/Dialogue Editor Dialogue Editor 120939 14000003
Zane Bruce Foley Artist n/a 223 14000007
Joseph Sabella Foley Artist n/a 223 14000008
Rafael J Perez Veve Boom Operator n/a 215 14000006
Luis A Landrau Boom Operator n/a 215 14000005
Steve Stuhr ADR/Dialogue Editor Dialogue Editor 120939 14000004
James D Dever Consultant Military Consultant 120784 12000001
Patricia Alonso Casting (Puerto Rico) 179 10000002
Jose A Ortiz Set Dresser n/a 197 9000004
Orlando Rodriguez Set Dresser n/a 197 9000005
Bryant Huffman Set Dresser n/a 197 9000003
Bradimir Aviles Set Dresser n/a 197 9000002
John Hansen Production Designer n/a 164 9000001
David Trossi Set Dresser n/a 197 9000006
Carlos D Correa Painter n/a 200 9000007
Ivonne C Leon Art Department Coordinator n/a 195 9000011
Jason L Wood Casting n/a 179 10000001
Francisco "Panchi" Lopez-Franco Leadman n/a 433 9000010
Ricardo Ortiz Painter n/a 200 9000009
Edilberto Frias Painter n/a 200 9000008
Ken Burton Rerecording Mixer n/a 120856 14000009
Andre Perreault Rerecording Mixer n/a 120856 14000010
Charlie Bonilla Construction Coordinator n/a 276 21000001
Kevin Harris Special Effects Supervisor n/a 545 23000001
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Anthony Matos Stunts Utility Stunts 240 19000008
Craig Tex Barnett Special Effects n/a 168 23000002
Charlie Bonilla Special Effects n/a 168 23000003
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Daniel Lugardo Production Assistant n/a 275 25000002
Michelle Malley-Campos Assistant (to Producer and Director) 120820 25000001
Jeff Moldovan Stunt Performer n/a 120981 19000007
Christopher Parker Stunt Double n/a 120980 19000006
Jasinto Reyes Generator Operator Lamp Operator 363 15000003
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Santiago Benet Mari Generator Operator Lamp Operator 363 15000002
Gilberto Rosario Key Grip n/a 263 15000001
Antonio Betancourt Sound Mixer n/a 230 14000011
Francisco Cordero Malave Best Boy Grip n/a 265 15000005
Emanuel Carrion Best Boy Electric n/a 259 15000006
Oliver Keller Stunt Double n/a 120980 19000004
Justice Maynard Stunt Double n/a 120980 19000005
Dale Cannon Stunt Double n/a 120980 19000003
Artie Malesci Stunt Coordinator n/a 120804 19000002
Don Abbatiello Stunt Coordinator Marine Stunt Coordinator 120804 19000001
Holly Conlan Vocals n/a 121032 8000006
Michael Aarvold Score Mixing Scoring Mixer 120927 8000005
Sergio A Salazar Rodriguez Actor Helicopter Pilot 1 1000019
David Bedell Actor Helicopter Co-Pilot 1 1000020
Jaime Irizarry Actor Maintenance Technician 1 1000018
Mauricio Rojas Actor Vendor 1 1000017
Fernando Allende Actor President Rio 1 1000016
Dale Cannon Actor Gunner 1 1000021
Luis Raul Alcocer Actor Guard #1 1 1000022
Ramon A Vazquez Actor Afeur Soldier 1 1000026
Eliexer Rodriguez Actor Afeur Soldier 1 1000027
Don Abbatiello Actor Afeur Soldier 1 1000025
Jeff Moldovan Actor Afeur Soldier 1 1000024
Justice Maynard Actor Alvaro Soldier 1 1000023
Tom Minder Actor Op-Tech 1 1000015
Roy Sanchez Vahamonde Actor TV Reporter 1 1000014
Chris J Johnson Actor PO3 Steve Gaines 1 1000005
Anthony Matos Actor PO2 Greg Armstrong 1 1000006
Yancey Arias Actor Alvaro Cardona 1 1000004
Channon Roe Actor CPO Kevin Derricks 1 1000003
Mr. Kennedy Actor MCPO Carter Holt 1 1000002
Keith David Actor Cmdr. Scott Boytano 1 1000007
Jennice Fuentes Actor Nicole Jenkins 1 1000008
Anibal Lleras Actor Carlos Rivera 1 1000012
Rey Hernandez Actor Ramirez 1 1000013
Luzangeli Justiniano Actor Maria Cardona 1 1000011
Tim Matheson Actor Carl Dobbs 1 1000010
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Albert Valladares Actor Alvaro Soldier 1 1000028
Tim Matheson Director n/a 2 2000001
Alfredo Melendez Loader Camera Loader 120956 6000006
Marion Grau Colorist Digital Colorist 120920 6000007
Laura Magruder Photography Still Photographer 120835 6000005
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Eric M Vega Production Coordinator n/a 162 5000008
Emily Pendas Script Supervisor n/a 191 5000007
Karen Uphoff Location Manager n/a 193 5000006
Joe Manganiello Actor Lt. Sean Macklin 1 1000001
Colombia is in chaos, caught in a long and bitter conflict between its government and insurgent guerillas. While on a covert reconnaissance mission to observe a meeting between the two factions, an elite team of U.S. Navy SEALs suddenly find themselves framed for the murder of leaders from both sides. Now, abandoned by their own government, the SEALs must stay alive deep behind enemy lines... and prove their innocence before Colombia's rebel conflict spirals into a full-blown civil war.