Dracula's Dog (1978)

Dracula's Dog
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 30mins.
Genres Horror
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Michael Pataki Actor Michael Drake--Count Dracula 1 1000001
Jan Shutan Actor Marla Drake 1 1000002
Libbie Chase Actor Linda Drake 1 1000003
John Levin Actor Steve Drake 1 1000004
Reggie Nalder Actor Veidt Smit 1 1000005
Jose Ferrer Actor Inspector Branco 1 1000006
Simmy Bow Actor Fisherman 1 1000007
Jo Jo D'Amore Actor Fisherman 1 1000008
Arleen Martell Actor Major Hessle 1 1000009
Cleo Harrington Actor Mrs Parks 1 1000010
Tom Gerrard Actor Guard 1 1000011
Bob Miller Actor Lieutenant 1 1000012
Gordon McGill Actor Officer 1 1000013
Al Ferrara Actor Deputy 1 1000014
Roger Pancake Actor Sheriff 1 1000015
Sally Marr Actor Camper 1 1000016
Merryl Jay Actor Camper 1 1000017
Jackie Drake Actor Camper 1 1000018
Darlene Craviotto Actor Traveller 1 1000019
Lou Schumacher Actor Customs Inspector 1 1000020
Carl Morrison Actor Customs Inspector 1 1000021
Dimitri Logothetis Actor Soldier 1 1000022
Dwight Krizman Actor Soldier 1 1000023
Chris George Actor Sailor 1 1000024
Roger Schumacher Actor Hiker 1 1000025
Dominic Ferlan Actor Villager 1 1000026
Katherine Fitzpatrick Actor Maiden 1 1000027
Joan Leone Actor Airport Official 1 1000028
Albert Band Director n/a 2 2000001
Albert Band Producer n/a 3 3000001
Frank Ray Perilli Producer n/a 3 3000002
Philip Collins Executive Producer n/a 174 3000003
Frank Ray Perilli Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Pam Eddy Other Writer screenplay supervisor 120847 4000002
Ralph Burris Assistant Director assistant director/production manager 163 5000001
Bruce Logan Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Ron Johnson Camera Operator camera operator 2nd unit 239 6000002
Harry Keramidas Editor n/a 172 7000001
Andrew Belling Music n/a 120781 8000001
Don Perry Music Supervisor n/a 120872 8000003
Sterling Von Franck Costumes n/a 120828 13000001
Stan Winston Makeup n/a 353 13000002
Zoltan Elek Makeup n/a 353 13000003
John K "Doc" Wilkinson Sound sound rerecording mixer 120816 14000001
Sam Shaw Sound Effects n/a 120868 14000002
Richard Band Assistant production manager assistant 120820 25000001
When a Russian road crew opens an underground crypt by mistake, one of their guards opens a coffin and finds the body of a dog, impaled by a stake. The man removes the stake, bringing back to life Dracula's vampire dog, Zoltan. The revived Zoltan opens the coffin of an innkeeper named Nalder and removes his stake. 200 years before, Zoltan belonged to Nalder, and saved a woman from being bitten by a bat. The bat was Dracula in disguise, and he retaliated against the dog by biting him and turning him into one of the undead. Dracula's only living descendant, Michael Drake is now on vacation with his family, traveling to the national forest in a Winnebago. Zoltan and Nalder meet the family in the forest and soon all of the family dogs on vacation are being turned into vampire hounds.