L' Enfant (2006)

Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating R
Runtime 1hr 40mins.
Genres Drama, Foreign
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Screenplay n/a 120778 4000002
Olivier Bronckart Line Producer n/a 161 5000001
Veronique Marit Production Manager n/a 305 5000002
Bernard Garant Assistant Director n/a 163 5000003
Luc Dardenne Screenplay n/a 120778 4000001
Alexandre Lippens Associate Producer n/a 171 3000006
Denis Freyd Producer n/a 3 3000003
Arlette Zylberberg Associate Producer n/a 171 3000004
Genevieve Lemal Associate Producer n/a 171 3000005
Philippe Groff Location Manager n/a 193 5000004
Alain Marcoen Director of Photography n/a 120780 6000001
Tina Kopecka Makeup n/a 353 13000002
Benoit De Clerck Sound Editor n/a 229 14000001
Jean-Pierre Duret Sound Engineer n/a 120916 14000002
Thomas Gauder Sound Mixer n/a 230 14000003
Monic Parelle Costume Designer n/a 169 13000001
Igor Gabriel Set Decorator n/a 165 9000001
Benoit Dervaux Camera Operator n/a 239 6000002
Hichame Alaouie Assistant Camera n/a 233 6000003
Marie-Hélène Dozo Editor n/a 172 7000001
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Producer n/a 3 3000002
Luc Dardenne Producer n/a 3 3000001
Anne Gérard Actor Female shopkeeper 1 1000007
Bernard Marbaix Actor Shopkeeper 1 1000008
Frederic Bodson Actor Older thug 1 1000009
Leon Michaux Actor Police station policeman 1 1000010
Mireille Bailly Actor Bruno's mother 1 1000006
Stephane Bissot Actor Receiver 1 1000005
Jeremie Segard Actor Steve 1 1000002
Fabrizio Rongione Actor Young thug 1 1000003
Olivier Gourmet Actor Plainclothes officer 1 1000004
Samuel De Ryck Actor Thomas 1 1000011
Hachemi Haddad Actor Shelter janitor 1 1000012
Jeremie Renier Actor Bruno 1 1000018
Luc Dardenne Director n/a 2 2000001
Jean-Pierre Dardenne Director n/a 2 2000002
Philippe Jeusette Actor Showroom receiver 1 1000017
Jean-Michel Balthazar Actor Barman 1 1000016
Olindo Bolzan Actor Second shopkeeper 1 1000013
Sophia Leboutte Actor Inspector 1 1000014
Alao Kasongo Actor Hospital receptionist 1 1000015
Déborah François Actor Sonia 1 1000001
Dispossessed twenty-year old Bruno lives with his eighteen-year-old girlfriend Sonia in Seraing, an eastern Belgian steel town. They live off Sonia's unemployment benefits along with the panhandling and petty thefts committed by Bruno and his gang. Their lives change forever when Sonia gives birth to their child, Jimmy. She returns home after Jimmy's birth to find that Bruno has sublet their apartment to total strangers. After an initial and promising change of heart about becoming a father and changing his ways, Jimmy becomes little more to Bruno than a potential source of wealth. Desperate for money and unable to face his parental responsibilities, Bruno sells Jimmy to a black market connection, who promises to find the child an adoptive home. Realizing the error in his actions Bruno sets out to try and undo his callous deed, leading him to a powerful personal transformation.