Judge Priest (0)

Judge Priest
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating NR
Runtime 1hr 20mins.
Genres Drama, Short Film
Keywords N/A
Status Released
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
John Ford Director 2 1
Constantine Romanoff Actor Townsmen in Saloon 1 1
Sol Wurtzel Producer 3 2
Dudley Nichols Screenwriter 120461 3
Lamar Trotti Screenwriter 120461 3
Henry Walthall Actor Reverend Ashby Brand 1 4
Anita Louise Actor Ellie May Gillespie 1 4
George Schneiderman Cinematographer 402 4
Dudley Nichols Songwriter 120463 5
Rochelle Hudson Actor Virginia Maydew 1 5
Cyril Mockridge Composer (Music Score) 120464 5
Samuel Kaylin Musical Direction/Supervision 120469 5
Lamar Trotti Songwriter 120463 5
Berton Churchill Actor Senator Horace K. Maydew 1 6
Paul McVey Actor Trimble 1 8
William Darling Art Director 183 8
Charley Grapewin Actor Sgt. Jimmy Bagby 1 9
Ernie Shields Actor Milan 1 11
Francis Ford Actor Juror No. 12 1 12
Hattie McDaniel Actor Aunt Dilsey 1 13
Stepin Fetchit Actor Jeff Poindexter 1 14
Pat Hartigan Actor 1 37
Robert Parrish Actor 1 41
Beulah Jones Actor 1 42