Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Type TV Special
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr
Genres Animated
Keywords N/A
Status Completed
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Andrea Sacino Actor Child 1 1000001
Dina Lynn Actor Child 1 1000002
Gary White Actor Child 1 1000003
Greg Thomas Actor Child 1 1000004
Westminster Children's Choir Actor Chorus 1 1000005
Fred Astaire Voice of S D Kluger 475 1000006
Mickey Rooney Voice of Kris Kringle 475 1000007
Robie Lester Voice of Jessica 475 1000008
Keenan Wynn Voice of Winter Warlock 475 1000009
Joan Gardner Voice of Tanta Kringle 475 1000010
Paul Frees Voice of Burgermeister 475 1000011
Diana Lynn Voice of Child 475 1000012
Greg Thomas Voice of Child 475 1000013
Fred Astaire Narrator Narration 120790 1000014
Arthur Rankin Jr. Director n/a 2 2000001
Jules Bass Director n/a 2 2000002
Arthur Rankin Jr. Producer n/a 3 3000001
Jules Bass Producer n/a 3 3000002
Romeo Muller Writer n/a 120782 4000001
Kizo Nagashima Production Supervisor n/a 307 5000001
Don Duga Continuity n/a 890 5000002
Irwin Goldress Editing editorial supervisor 120901 7000001
Maury Laws Music n/a 120781 8000001
Jules Bass Music n/a 120781 8000002
Maury Laws Original Music n/a 120838 8000003
J Fred Coots Song title song("Santa Claus is Coming to Town") 120859 8000004
Dizzy Gillespie Song title song("Santa Claus is Coming to Town") 120859 8000005
Jules Bass Theme Lyrics lyrics 120861 8000006
Jim Harris Sound recording engineer 120816 14000001
John S Boyd Sound recording engineer 120816 14000002
Phil Kaye Sound recording engineer 120816 14000003
Paul Coker Jr. Other designer 120795 26000001
The program relates how the legend of Santa Claus originated and answers such other questions as why he wears a red suit, why he leaves presents, why he comes down the chimney, and why he lives at the North Pole. The story begins with Tanta Kringle finding an abandoned baby. The baby, named Kris Kringle, grows up in Rainbow River Valley and learns how to make toys, which are supposed to be distributed to the good children of Sombertown.<P>However, because Sombertown is over the mountain--and in the path of the dreaded Winter Warlock--the Kringle Elfs are unable to deliver their toys. When older, Kris begins delivering the toys, but is soon declared an outlaw by the mean Burgermeister who has come to hate toys and forbids toys in Sombertown. With the aid of Jessica, the school teacher he befriends (and later marries), Kris begins sneaking into Somertown to deliver his toys (via chimneys).<P>To escape the Burgermeister, Kris, Jessica, and the Kringle family move to the North Pole where Kris establishes his base and decides to limit his toy deliveries to only one night a year, the most holy night, Christmas Eve.