6 Times Sam Claflin Has Killed us with His Charm

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When it was announced that Sam Claflin would play Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games film series starting with Catching Fire, there were some naysayers. Is Claflin attractive enough? Could he be charming enough? Well, after many of his interviews gearing up for the film’s release, we can definitively say: yes, Claflin can charm the pants off anyone.

He Loves his Cast Mates (Especially Josh Hutcherson)

He spoke with ET about preparing for the scene in which Finnick gives Peeta mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, saying, “I did actually practice with a dummy for three hours …  And then I made out with Josh. It’s like, my favorite film ever!”

That Time He Imitated a Crab

As far as crab impressions go, we give this one a two out of five. C’mon Claflin, you could have gotten out of your seat at least, but points for hilarity.

His Humility & Sense of Humor

When talking about getting into his role for Catching Fire, he said, “I’m nothing like Finnick Odair. I was surprised that the director was able to see past my ugly exterior.” We all know that’s not true, but it’s nice to see an actor without an ego.

When He Interacts with Jena Malone

Jena Malone and Claflin were both new to The Hunger Games cast in the second installment of the franchise, and they formed a seriously adorable friendship. Throughout interviews and photo shoots to promote the film they were paired together, which made us very jealous of Malone.

Literally Every Time He Winks

It’s kind of halfway between a suave gesture and a muscle twitch, but that doesn’t make it any less endearing. 

When He Admits To His Charm

When asked by Moviefone whether Finnick’s charm or trident is the better weapon, Claflin responded: “I’d say his trident, I mean I can’t kill people with my charm. Maybe I can, I am English.”