The Milkman (0)

The Milkman
Type Feature Film
MPAA Rating NR
Runtime 1hr 27mins.
Genres Crime, Comedy, Romance, Short Film
Keywords gangster
Status Released
US Release Date
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Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Jerry Lewis Actor Milkman 1 42
Ralph Montgomery Actor Brown 1 38
Ruth Brady Actor Miss Williams 1 45
Kippee Valez Actor Carmen 1 47
Douglas Carter Actor 1 87
Howard Negley Actor Herman 1 31
Theresa Lyons Actor Bradley Maid 1 30
Audrey Betz Actor Plump girl 1 18
Joe Kerr Actor Man in window 1 20
John R McKee Actor Milkman 1 21
Harold Belfer Choreography 120173 28
Chick Collins Actor 1 88
Jimmie Dundee Actor 1 90
Wesley Hopper Actor 1 102
Charles Hall Actor Ed 1 103
Wally Walker Actor 1 104
John O'Connor Actor 1 105
Pat Combs Actor 1 101
Gordon Carveth Actor 1 100
Norman Field Actor Bradley butler 1 91
Bob Stephenson Actor Cop 1 96
Cary Loftin Actor 1 97
Wally Rose Actor 1 98
Paul Palmer Actor Policeman 1 16
John Miller Actor Harry 1 15
Clifford Stine Cinematographer 402 4
James O'Hanlon Screenwriter 120461 3
William Conrad Actor Mike Morrel 1 4
Piper Laurie Actor Chris Abbott 1 5
Edward Clark Actor Old man 1 5
Martin Ragaway Screenwriter 120461 3
Frank Nelson Actor Mr. Green 1 2
Ub Iwerks Director 2 1
Charles Barton Director 2 1
Ted Richmond Producer 3 2
Jimmy Durante Actor Breezy Albright 1 2
Russell Schoengarth Editor 172 6
Marilyn Mercer Actor Telephone operator 1 6
Charmienne Harker Actor Lana 1 11
Bill Nelson Actor Duke 1 13
Al Fields Set Designer 202 14
Rosemary Odell Costume Designer 169 15
Charles Flynn Actor Sgt. Larkin 1 10
Elizabeth Risdon Actor Mrs. Carter 1 9
Henry O'Neill Actor Roger Bradley, Sr. 1 6
Jewel Rose Actor Secretary 1 7
Jess Barker Actor John Carter 1 8
Bernard Herzbrun Art Director 183 8
Donald O'Connor Actor Roger Bradley 1 1