The Atlanta Child Murders

The Atlanta Child Murders
Type TV Special
MPAA Rating N/A
Runtime 1hr
Genres Crime, Documentary
Keywords N/A
Status Completed
US Release Date
Name Credit Credited as Role Id Sort Order
Bill Kurtis Actor ("American Justice") 1 1000001
Lee Brown Actor Interviewee 1 1000002
Paul Crawley Actor Interviewee 1 1000003
Jocelyn Dorsey Actor Interviewee 1 1000004
Sidney Dorsey Actor Interviewee 1 1000005
John Douglas Actor Interviewee 1 1000006
Joseph Drolet Actor Interviewee 1 1000007
Roy Hazelwood Actor Interviewee 1 1000008
Bernard Headley Actor Interviewee 1 1000009
Joseph Lowery Actor Interviewee 1 1000010
Jack Mallard Actor Interviewee 1 1000011
Willie Mathis Actor Interviewee 1 1000012
Gordon Miller Actor Interviewee 1 1000013
Larry Peterson Actor Interviewee 1 1000014
Mary Welcome Actor Interviewee 1 1000015
Mark Winne Actor Interviewee 1 1000016
Bill Kurtis Narrator Narration 120790 1000017
Jonathan Towers Executive Producer ("American Justice") 174 3000001
Daria Valensise Producer supervising producer 3 3000002
David Boodell Producer supervising producer 3 3000003
Laura Fleury Producer supervising producer(A&E) 3 3000004
Mary Boylan Producer n/a 3 3000005
Leija Hamalainen Associate Producer n/a 171 3000006
Mary Boylan Writer n/a 120782 4000001
Amy Ostrander Story By story development director 120779 4000002
Bill Leahy Production Manager n/a 305 5000001
David Frederick Camera n/a 120798 6000001
Ted Esko Camera n/a 120798 6000002
Julie Schneider On-Line Editor n/a 120811 7000001
David McQuillen Editor off-line editor 172 7000002
Pat Brennan Music n/a 120781 8000001
Barbara Pritchard Executive in Charge of Production n/a 118217 11000001
Michael Filimowicz Audio Mixer n/a 120812 14000001
Alberto Mendez Motion Control motion control stand 121053 19000001
Dan Custer Graphics n/a 120826 23000001
Rich Kuban Animator title animator 483 23000002
Corey Scarborough Production Assistant n/a 275 25000001
Bill Lome Post-Production post-production director 120945 25000002
Sheila Brosnan Archival Footage archivist 120984 26000001
Examines the disappearance of 29 African-American children, during the 22 months, between July 1979 and May 1981. The victims were brutally murdered -- their bodies mangled and brutalized -- in Atlanta. Most of the dead were boys, aged 7 to 17. Six were young men, aged 21 to 28. After two years, investigators had no firm suspects. Then, 23-year-old Wayne Williams was charged with the murders of two young adults. A jury convicted him after circumstantial evidence linked him to the two murders as well as 10 others. Williams was sentenced to two life terms and labeled the Atlanta child killer. But questions about the investigation persisted. In 1991, a team of new lawyers argued that the prosecution withheld evidence that white supremacists may have been involved in some of the murders. But investigators said the Klan investigation never amounted to anything. However, some victims' families and others still don't believe Wayne Williams is the monster responsible for the killings.